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is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News July 12, 2014

Estranged bedfellows: Bob Day and David Leyonhjelm

The two new ex-Liberal crossbench senators were meant to make the government’s life easier. But Bob Day and David Leyonhjelm have their own radically right-wing agendas.

News July 05, 2014

The political power of food lobbyists

Alastair Furnival’s downfall shone light on the heavy political links of Big Food lobbyists.

News June 28, 2014

Murdoch and the IPA work together for Big Tobacco

A campaign of false data, planted in the Australian press, is being used to weaken tobacco laws abroad.

News June 21, 2014

The Henderson gigs

In an unreleased review he chaired into the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards, Gerard Henderson recommended he be put in charge of judges. Now he’s got his wish, for a much richer prize.

Business June 14, 2014

Super funds benefit from corporate tax avoidance

While most are appalled by stories of corporate tax avoidance, we are also enjoying the benefits through investment in these companies by our super funds.

Business June 07, 2014

The buried treasures of corporate tax avoidance

Tony Abbott has paid lip service to tax reform, but his government’s latest measures only serve to make corporate avoidance easier.

News May 31, 2014

Abbott’s faceless men of the IPA

There is one group to which Tony Abbott has kept his promises since becoming prime minister: the Institute of Public Affairs.

News May 24, 2014

Mining’s multi-billion-dollar black hole

As the boom ends, poor oversight and lax bonds leave governments stuck with an enormous bill for mining’s clean-up.

News May 17, 2014

Malcolm Fraser: the dour optimist

For a time, it seemed he would be, like Nixon, remembered for a single sensational act. But Malcolm Fraser’s rebirth as a passionate libertarian now sees him back in public life.