Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper’s national correspondent.

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News March 14, 2020

Trust deficit threatens COVID-19 response

Scott Morrison moved quickly to contain the threat of coronavirus; the bigger challenge will be convincing the public that his government can be trusted in a crisis.

News March 07, 2020

Australia’s COVID-19 response

As Scott Morrison announces emergency COVID-19 measures and medical experts ‘war game’ worst-case scenarios, a looming recession may prove the greatest threat to Australia.

News February 29, 2020

Political warfare over climate action

While Labor’s commitment to a 2050 emissions target reinvigorated well-practised attacks from the Coalition, the cost of inaction is only becoming clearer.

News February 22, 2020

COVID-19: Racism, economics and the aftermath

While Chinese-owned businesses struggle through a downturn, questions remain about whether Australia’s coronavirus response stoked racist fear.

News February 15, 2020

Canavan’s successor apt to fuel energy wars

Elevated to Resources minister after Matt Canavan’s resignation, Keith Pitt has moved quickly – announcing a feasibility study into a new coalmine.

News February 08, 2020

Inside Palmer’s campaign to thwart Labor

Clive Palmer spent almost $84 million on his party’s failed tilt at the 2019 election, but former UAP candidates now say the real goal was to prevent an ALP victory.

News February 01, 2020

States defy Commonwealth on emissions

With Scott Morrison refusing to budge on reducing emissions, state governments and the private sector are leading the way on going carbon neutral.

News January 25, 2020

Close ties between government and military industries

In Australia’s quest to become one of the world’s leading weapons exporters, the line between government and industry is becoming increasingly blurred.

News December 07, 2019

Algorithms and prejudice

As governments and police increasingly rely on algorithms and automation, legal experts warn these systems could undermine key discrimination protections.