Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper's national correspondent.

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News December 17, 2016

Changing employment trends and universal basic income

With wage inequality at record highs and technology plundering jobs, a universal basic income is being championed. But how to foretell the problems, let alone possible solutions?

News December 10, 2016

The Green Army’s scant environmental credentials

As the Coalition fractures over climate policy, the follies and waste of the demobilised Green Army have become clear.

News December 03, 2016

Senior ABC staff say Michelle Guthrie ‘out of her depth’

As staff revolt against programming changes, ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie struggles to describe her vision for the broadcaster.

News November 26, 2016

How fake news online skewed the US election

As calls intensify for a recount in key states, the impact on the American election of post-truth ‘news’ is becoming clearer.

News November 19, 2016

SA’s citizen jury defies royal commission

SA’s citizen jury, which rejected the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission's pro-storage stance, reveals the democratic tension when governments open decision-making to the people while seeking a predetermined outcome.

News November 12, 2016

John Hewson on the negativity of opposition politics

Feeding on the power of negativity, opposition parties are able to win over the electorate. But, as former Liberal opposition leader John Hewson points out, it means no one is rising to power with a clear policy agenda.

News November 05, 2016

The truth about claims of a faulty welfare system

Recent attacks on those who receive social security payments – and on the welfare system itself – are born of manipulated statistics and the government’s philosophy of a carrot for the rich and a stick for the poor.

News October 29, 2016

Veteran UK banker Paul Fisher on climate change and the financial sector

A veteran of Britain’s central bank, Paul Fisher says climate change will have a massive impact on the global financial sector. He talks about managing the risks.

News October 29, 2016

The Coalition attacks on statutory authorities

Senate committee attacks on statutory officers reveal a government prepared to undermine independent institutions and hound advisers out of office when their counsel is politically unwelcome.