Mike Seccombe
is The Saturday Paper's national correspondent.

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News November 05, 2016

The truth about claims of a faulty welfare system

Recent attacks on those who receive social security payments – and on the welfare system itself – are born of manipulated statistics and the government’s philosophy of a carrot for the rich and a stick for the poor.

News October 29, 2016

Veteran UK banker Paul Fisher on climate change and the financial sector

A veteran of Britain’s central bank, Paul Fisher says climate change will have a massive impact on the global financial sector. He talks about managing the risks.

News October 29, 2016

The Coalition attacks on statutory authorities

Senate committee attacks on statutory officers reveal a government prepared to undermine independent institutions and hound advisers out of office when their counsel is politically unwelcome.

News October 22, 2016

Bob Day’s resignation and Family First’s future

Bob Day’s resignation from the senate this week amid the collapse of his building companies raises questions about Family First’s funding arrangements and its future without him.

News October 15, 2016

Mike Baird’s conviction politics comes undone

The NSW premier's backdown over his ban on greyhound racing threatens his government and reveals the limits of his dictatorial style.

News October 08, 2016

Australia scoring low marks on education

As elite private schools continue to benefit from government funding, Australian education standards are sliding in global terms and politicians remain reluctant to take a stand.

News October 01, 2016

China’s coal price cartel

China’s plan to increase coal production and keep global prices low is bad news for Australian miners and their political allies.

News September 24, 2016

Unions poisoned by ALP affiliation

With plotters using the labour movement as a means to amass power, unions have become vulnerable to rorting and the erosion of workers’ rights.

News September 17, 2016

Battlelines drawn on same-sex marriage plebiscite

In the face of consistent public support for same-sex marriage, the right is pushing the prime minister to delay, obfuscate and ultimately scupper reform.