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is The Saturday Paper's national correspondent.

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News May 14, 2016

Teething on the 2016 election campaign trail

In any ordinary circumstances, Malcolm Turnbull would be out selling last week’s budget. Instead, he’s on the hustings, largely ignoring it.

News May 07, 2016

Reagan ‘voodoo economics’ at the heart of Scott Morrison’s budget

Following a sponsored visit by Reagan adviser Arthur Laffer, Malcolm Turnbull’s budget is based on the fallacy of his trickle-down economics.

News April 30, 2016

The failed state of PNG

In exchange for its part in Australia’s offshore detention regime, Papua New Guinea’s corrupt governance has been ignored, leaving the country on the brink of collapse.

News April 23, 2016

Inside the $100b charities bubble

The first reports on the charity sector reveal staggering duplication and a nation less willing to give than it likes to imagine.

News April 16, 2016

No royal commission as Turnbull’s Liberals in deep with the banks

Conservatives against a banks royal commission argue it would damage the economy – because of the criminality it would reveal.

News April 09, 2016

Sports gambling, advertising and the Barry O’Farrell review

As sports gambling becomes more ubiquitous – stimulated by TV advertising targeting young men – an inquiry focused on the illegality of offshore wagering rather than the dire social consequences is being sat on by government.

News April 02, 2016

The taxpayer’s billions spent on government advertising

The government’s $70m budget for border protection propaganda is the latest in a long line of taxpayer-funded “messaging” exercises.

News March 26, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull’s climate change thimble trick

Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to grant a stay of execution to two government green energy agencies hinges more on cooling the heat on him than the environment.

News March 19, 2016

The tax shirkers running the PM’s ‘agility’ agenda

They are some of the country’s biggest corporate tax avoiders. Now their directors make up the board advising the government on innovation incentives.