Omar Sakr

is a poet and writer. He is the author of the collections These Wild Houses and The Lost Arabs, as well as the forthcoming novel White Flu.

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Comment June 23, 2018

What is political correctness?

“On and on, everyday cruelties abound. Somehow, conservatives get away with running things exactly how they want, while complaining loudly that they’re unable to because of censorship. They are both underdog and victor, gagged yet constantly heard. What, …”

Comment April 21, 2018

Hiding anger in the face of bigotry

“I have lived my life in the shadow of a myth: the angry Arab, the enraged ethnic, the unruly barbarians. It was made mythic only by a white conservative media. At home I knew one reality close to this – worn Arab hands that held the cane, the belt, …”

Portrait March 03, 2018

Artist Ato Ribeiro

Seeing Black Panther with Ghanian-American woodworker Ato Ribeiro.

Comment February 17, 2018

Representation and diversity

“As a marginalised poet beginning to have some small measure of success, I’m not supposed to talk about this. I am supposed to take what is given, speak as wound, as tragic past come good, and if I should succeed, treat it as the accidental byproduct …”

Portrait June 24, 2017

Literary collective director Michael Mohammed Ahmad

A drive with founder of western Sydney literary collective Sweatshop, Michael Mohammed Ahmad.

Portrait September 12, 2015

Waanyi author Alexis Wright’s stream of words

A Skype call with award-winning author Alexis Wright about the big issues that inspire her.