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podcast November 30, 2021

How Taylor Swift won by taking control of the narrative

Writer and musician Eilish Gilligan talks about the new release of Red, how the Taylor’s Version project is transforming the music industry, and the unique relationship she has with her fans.

podcast November 18, 2021

Courtney Barnett on life, love, and The Sopranos

Grammy-nominated musician Courtney Barnett is one the most successful Australian artists performing right now. She’s just released her much-anticipated third studio album, ‘Things Take Time, Take Time’.

podcast November 05, 2021

What the Dave Chappelle controversy tells us about the point of comedy

Dave Chappelle is one of the most successful comedians in the world, and his latest Netflix special, ‘The Closer’, reportedly made him $20 million. The special has sparked a huge amount of backlash, prompting a staff walkout at Netflix, and calls for the special to be taken down.

podcast October 28, 2021

Why Real Housewives is reality TV’s most interesting phenomenon

When the Real Housewives first aired 16 years ago it was written off as “trashy”. Feminist icon Gloria Steinem even called it "a minstrel show for women".

podcast October 27, 2021

The High Court judgement that could change the internet

Richard Ackland on what this High Court decision means for how we use the internet, and how our courts are out of step with the online world.

podcast October 26, 2021

A war over Taiwan

Emeritus Professor at the Australian National University Hugh White on how Australia could be drawn into a war over Taiwan, and why it could turn nuclear.

podcast October 25, 2021

The billionaire and the conspiracy theorist

Mike Seccombe on what impact a Palmer-Kelly alliance could have on the next federal election.

podcast October 22, 2021

Barnaby Joyce is holding Australia hostage

Paul Bongiorno on the Coalition’s war over net zero, and how Barnaby Joyce’s National party is holding the country’s future to ransom.

podcast October 21, 2021

‘Succession’ is back and it’s better than ever

After a two year break HBO’s ‘Succession’ is finally back for season three.

podcast October 21, 2021

The corruption inquiry exposing Labor’s culture

Karen Middleton on what the inquiry is actually about, and what the consequences might be for the Labor party both in Victoria and federally.

podcast October 19, 2021

Closing the vaccination gap

Rick Morton on how governments let down some of those most at risk from Covid-19, and what that means as we open back up.

podcast October 14, 2021

It’s Lil Nas X’s world, we’re just living in it

With that one track, produced for less than $100, the rapper made history. ‘Old Town Road’ became the longest running single to sit at number one on the charts, and kicked off a debate about the definition of country music.

podcast October 07, 2021

Making a movie about the Port Arthur massacre

When Nitram, the new film about the perpetrator of the Port Arthur massacre - the worst single-shooter mass killing in Australian history - was announced there was swift backlash from politicians and film critics who argued that the story was too painful and traumatic to tell.

podcast October 01, 2021

‘Alone’ is the real life Hunger Games we can’t stop watching

Have you ever wondered how long you would last if you were dropped into the wilderness with just a hunting knife, a shovel, and a sleeping bag? A day? A week? That’s the premise of a show called ‘Alone’. Think ‘Survivor’, but on steroids.

podcast September 17, 2021

Why do millennials love Sally Rooney?

Sally Rooney’s third novel, ‘Beautiful World, Where Are You’, was one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year. Now that it’s out, it’s smashing sales records.

podcast September 11, 2021

Generation 9/11: A soldier, a refugee and a Muslim Australian

Twenty years ago the terrorist group Al-Qaeda hijacked four planes, flying them into New York City’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon, killing nearly 3000 people.

podcast September 03, 2021

The dark side of the games industry

The video games industry is worth over $180 billion a year, more than the US film and sports industries combined. For decades though, it’s been plagued by a culture of misogyny, homophobia and racism.

podcast August 27, 2021

Why is Lorde’s new album so divisive?

Lorde released her first full-length album, Pure Heroine, back in 2013 and it struck a chord around the world, selling 5 million copies, picking up two Grammys and inspiring a new generation of pop artists.

News September 01, 2021

Exclusive: Denis Handlin acknowledges misconduct at Sony

Former Sony chief executive Denis Handlin has spoken for the first time since leaving the company, acknowledging that he had dealt with ‘issues of sexual misconduct’ across all levels of the business.

podcast August 20, 2021

Ted Lasso is the wholesome reprieve you need right now

Tony Armstrong, former AFL player and sports presenter on ABC News Breakfast, joins The Culture to talk about a show one of the most heartwarming TV shows out right now - ‘Ted Lasso’.

podcast August 06, 2021

Is Billie Eilish the radical saviour pop needs?

In 2018 singer Billie Eilish released her debut album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ With it the teenager pretty much immediately changed the face and sound of modern pop music. Her album won all four of the major categories at the Grammy …

podcast July 30, 2021

Does the world really need a “woke” Gossip Girl reboot?

The original Gossip Girl debuted 14 years ago and quickly became a cultural phenomenon.

podcast July 23, 2021

The Ballad of Britney Spears

Britney Spears is one of the biggest music stories in the world right now, but it’s not because of her music.

podcast July 16, 2021

How a four-year-old Australian song became the biggest hit in Europe

In 2017 Melbourne musicians Ed Service and Jack Madin recorded a song in their Brunswick studio. It was recorded with, and for, their friends. The track got some love at local gigs and warehouse parties, but disappeared pretty quickly. Ed and Jack soon …

podcast July 02, 2021

The Kardashians: Saying goodbye to America’s Royal Family

After 14 years and 20 seasons one of the biggest TV shows in the world, ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, is over.

podcast June 29, 2021

Why Fast & Furious is cinema’s greatest franchise

This week on The Culture we discuss what makes ‘The Fast and the Furious’ so compelling, and why it deserves to be recognised as this generation’s James Bond.

podcast June 18, 2021

Barry Jenkins’ new masterpiece: The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad, a new series on Amazon Prime, is based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name by Colson Whitehead.

podcast June 17, 2021

You and Q’s army?

The QAnon conspiracy theory, focused on a belief in the existence of a Satanic child sexual abuse ring, has been collecting followers worldwide. Here in Australia one of its adherents happens to be a long-time friend of Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Today, Richard Cooke on what drives people to QAnon, and the threat it poses in Australia.

podcast June 16, 2021

The Americanisation of Australia’s health system

Australia’s public health systems are under unprecedented pressure due to decades of cuts. Today, Rick Morton on why some health experts are worried that Australia’s health care system is becoming more and more like the expensive, privatised model in the US.

podcast June 15, 2021

The Biloela family speaks out

Speaking from a hospital in Perth, Priya Murugappan details her daughter’s sickness and her family’s struggle in detention. More than three years after they were taken from their home in Biloela, the Tamil family just want to be settled.

podcast June 11, 2021

How Western Sydney is redefining hip-hop

Hip-hop is the biggest musical genre in the world right now, and one of the fastest growing locally, but in Australia it still feels like it hasn’t quite broken through and dominated the mainstream yet, in the way it has overseas - especially in the US and UK.

podcast June 11, 2021

Australia’s biggest ever crime sting

This week, Scott Morrison announced Australia’s involvement in a massive organised crime sting coordinated by the FBI. But was the extraordinary press conference more about bad news and poor polling?

podcast June 10, 2021

It’s textbook ‘how not to run a war’

After 20 years of war, Australia gave three days’ notice before closing its embassy in Kabul. But the decision leaves hundreds of local staff vulnerable to retaliation by the Taliban.

podcast June 04, 2021

Olivia Rodrigo takes over

Olivia Rodrigo’s hit single ‘driver’s license’ is undeniably the biggest song of 2021 so far. Now the actor turned singer-songwriter has released her debut album ‘Sour’, which has broken streaming and chart records.

podcast May 28, 2021

The problem with our true crime obsession

Whether it’s podcasts like ‘Serial’ or ‘The Teacher’s Pet’, Netflix documentaries like ‘Making a Murderer’ or ‘Tiger King’, true crime is absolutely dominant.

podcast May 22, 2021

Introducing ’The Culture’: a new weekly show

The Culture is a brand new weekly show from the team behind 7am. Every week join host Osman Faruqi and special guests as they go deep on film, music, TV, streaming, books and art. The first episode drops May 28. Follow The Culture now!

News April 24, 2021

NSW Police minister takes aim at school

Spurred on by One Nation’s Mark Latham and the Sydney tabloid media, the NSW Police minister has accused a popular north shore school of condoning ‘anti-police propaganda’.

Opinion March 20, 2021

A deadly silence on Christchurch

“We are now two years on from the massacre of 51 Muslims in Christchurch, a terrorist attack perpetrated by an Australian man. And once again the responsibility has fallen on members of the community who were targeted to remind Australia that this horrific …”

News March 06, 2021

Victoria Police and extremism

Experts say Victoria Police is out of step as it likens the threat of right-wing extremism to its left-wing counterparts in its submission to the federal parliamentary inquiry on radicalism.

Sport February 13, 2021

The real reason Kyrgios cops flak

Nick Kyrgios pushed the world number three to the brink at the Australian Open on Friday night, riding the raucous support of the crowd. But some still don’t like what he brings to tennis.

News October 31, 2020

Challenges linger as Victoria opens up

As Melbourne reopens, new analysis of data from the state’s second wave reveals the government’s overhauled testing and tracing measures could be leaving cracks for the virus to slip through.

News October 17, 2020

Where Victoria’s second-wave cases are still occurring

Months into Victoria’s second wave, healthcare workers, cleaners and other front-line staff continue to be at greatest risk of contracting Covid-19, as concerns remain over infection control and the government’s transparency about outbreaks in vulnerable settings.

News September 26, 2020

Exclusive: New Covid-19 cases among staff in hotel quarantine

A leaked government document shows more staff in Victoria’s quarantine hotels have tested positive for Covid-19, even after an overhaul of the entire system.

News September 19, 2020

Confidential document reveals healthcare outbreaks

Exclusive: A leaked government database shows hospital transmission is key to Victoria’s recent Covid-19 cases, as new concerns are raised about access to protective equipment.

News September 12, 2020

Leaked Sutton call reveals failures in contact tracing

Exclusive: In a private briefing, Victoria’s chief health officer has contradicted the premier on the state’s failing contact tracing system and highlighted issues with the massive outsourcing of the response to private companies.

News August 29, 2020

Lessons of the NZ mosque attacks

As the Australian-born terrorist who killed 51 worshippers at two Christchurch mosques was sentenced to life without parole this week, questions are being raised about the Australian government’s ability and willingness to monitor far-right extremism.

Opinion August 08, 2020

Policing as part of the national psyche

“There are two striking aspects of Australia’s response to coronavirus: the first is that it’s being increasingly led as a police issue, and the second is that this is happening while the rest of the world works to reform and curtail police powers. …”

Opinion June 20, 2020

Deflecting from the real issues of Black Lives Matter

“The morphing of a campaign focused on policing, justice and structural disadvantage into a culture war over statues, movies and TV isn’t an accident. It’s a deliberate attempt by conservatives to shift this debate onto terrain where they are more …”

News April 18, 2020

Compliance fines under the microscope

As police enforce Covid-19 health orders, a disproportionate number of fines have been issued in areas largely populated by Indigenous or migrant Australians.

News March 11, 2020

Exclusive: ASIO’s ‘race war’ warning

An ASIO document prepared in the wake of the Christchurch massacre warns a far-right terrorist attack is “plausible” in Australia over the next 12-18 months.

Opinion February 08, 2020

Christmas Island and the rise of mandatory detention

“On Monday, Australia’s director of human biosecurity issued the dryly named Biosecurity (Human Health Response Zone) (North West Point Immigration Detention Centre) Determination 2020. The legal instrument designated the detention centre on Christmas …”