Paddy Manning

is a journalist and the author of The Successor, a biography of Lachlan Murdoch.

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podcast November 22, 2023

Attack, attack, attack

As Rupert makes his home in America, Paddy takes a closer look at two of his most consequential relationships.

podcast November 14, 2023

My dear Prime Minister

Rupert will pull off his most daring piece of business, and arguably the most cruel.

podcast November 08, 2023

The kingmaker and his king

Rupert's struggle to step out of his father’s shadow drives him to launch the first national broadsheet.

podcast November 01, 2023

Two blasted young reds

A young Rupert inherits a small newspaper in 1950s Adelaide.

podcast September 27, 2023

Inside Lachlan’s plans for the Murdoch empire

Lachlan Murdoch biographer, Paddy Manning, on why Rupert chose Lachlan, and what the empire will look like under the family’s eldest son.

podcast April 26, 2023

Why the Murdochs settled Dominion and abandoned Crikey

Writer and contributor to The Saturday Paper, Paddy Manning, on why there was a last minute change of heart – to keep the Murdochs away from the stand.

News April 22, 2023

The Murdochs’ plan to leverage Dominion payout

Fox’s defamation payout to Dominion Voting Systems is the largest in US media history, but amounts to a good deal for the Murdochs as they embark on talks to renew multibillion-dollar contracts with major cable providers. It comes as Lachlan Murdoch abandons his case against Australian website Crikey in an effort to move on from the 2020 election.

News April 15, 2023

Dominion versus the Murdochs

Dominion’s defamation trial against Fox News is set to begin, with Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch forced to take the stand as their media empire is sued for $US1.6 billion.

podcast April 03, 2023

Is Murdoch media about to turn against the Voice?

Contributor to The Saturday Paper and author of a book on the Murdoch empire, Paddy Manning, on how the dream of conservative support for the voice is in troubled waters.

News April 01, 2023

How News Corp is framing the ‘No’ case

News Corp has become the unofficial mouthpiece of the ‘No’ campaign against the Voice to Parliament, although its editors say they are just reporting both sides.

podcast March 08, 2023

It’s all about money: Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News deposition

Author of a book about the Murdoch media empire ‘The Successor’, Paddy Manning, on the culture at Fox News that put profits before the truth.

podcast February 16, 2023

Has Rupert Murdoch actually given up on his legacy deal?

Contributor to The Saturday Paper and author of the biography of Lachlan Murdoch The Successor – Paddy Manning, on the merger that could define Rupert Murdoch’s legacy and whether he’s really abandoned it for good.

News February 11, 2023

Is the News Corp–Fox merger back on?

Despite shelving the plan last month, Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch are still privately bullish about a $US40 billion merger of Fox and News Corp.

podcast January 02, 2023

Lachlan Murdoch: The successor, with Paddy Manning

Journalist Paddy Manning has long chronicled the Murdoch family and their businesses., His latest book – The Successor – is the first biography of Lachlan.

podcast September 08, 2022

Will Lachlan Murdoch beat Crikey in court?

Today, journalist and author, Paddy Manning on the likely successor to News Corp’s global empire vs Crikey.

News September 03, 2022

Crikey lawsuit: ‘I thought that Lachlan Murdoch was really cool’

As Private Media prepares to defend Lachlan Murdoch’s defamation case, legal experts warn the publisher is at real risk of losing. Total costs could reach $3 million.

podcast August 24, 2022

The state that elected Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer is changing

Today, journalist Paddy Manning on the Brisbane Greens and how their “radical agenda” began to appeal to Queenslanders.

News August 20, 2022

Inside Queensland’s green wave

The success of the Greens in Queensland may be a tipping point for the party nationally, as its grassroots campaigners see voters ready to embrace its blend of politics and activism.

podcast July 19, 2022

Succession S4: The Murdoch divorce

Today, Paddy Manning, contributor to The Saturday Paper and author of a forthcoming biography on Lachlan Murdoch, on the true story of the Murdoch divorce.

News July 16, 2022

JERRY CANNED! New details in Murdoch divorce

The reason for Rupert Murdoch’s divorce from Jerry Hall is a disagreement over how her adult children would be looked after.

podcast October 08, 2021

The real ’Succession’: Who will replace Rupert Murdoch?

This year Rupert Murdoch turned 90, and that milestone has focused discussion on who will take over the world’s largest media empire.

News October 02, 2021

Lachlanland: the power shifts in the Murdoch dynasty

With strategic acquisitions by Lachlan Murdoch putting News Corporation and Fox in a strong financial position, and a float of Foxtel expected next year, power is shifting in the media dynasty.

podcast January 19, 2021

Climate change will kill you, part three: sickness

From thunderstorm asthma to the increasing prevalence of infectious disease, a warming planet is already making us more sick.

podcast January 12, 2021

Climate change will kill you, part two: flood

In 2011 the Queensland town of Grantham was inundated with rain, causing flash flooding. It had a devastating impact on the town’s residents. But events like this are predicted to become more common.

podcast January 05, 2021

Climate change will kill you, part one: heat

From bushfires and heat, to floods, and the increasing severity of disease, Australians are already feeling the impacts of a warming planet.

podcast April 29, 2021

The Murdoch plan to save Fox

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is one of the most powerful corporate influences right around the world, but in recent years it’s been through radical changes. Now it looks like Rupert is starting to hand power over to his son Lachlan.

News April 24, 2021

Inside Lachlan Murdoch’s play to save Fox

With his move back to Sydney, Rupert Murdoch’s successor has sparked intrigue. But his plans are far more ambitious than the rumours suggest.

News September 05, 2020

Covid-19 response inquiry awaits answers

While the members of the senate’s coronavirus watchdog are working well across party lines, its chair, Labor senator Katy Gallagher, says the government is delaying and obfuscating to avoid scrutiny.

News August 22, 2020

Govt ignores health risks of climate change

The government has been asked repeatedly to develop a plan to address the health risks associated with climate change, so why is nothing being done?

News August 15, 2020

Dissent in press freedom inquiries

Divisions inside the parliament’s intelligence committee will ultimately decide where the government goes on the question of press freedom – but even Coalition members are split.

News August 08, 2020

Could Adani drop its Qld mine and head to NSW?

As fossil fuel prices collapse, there is growing speculation that Adani might throw in its Carmichael operation to buy BHP’s massive Mount Arthur thermal coalmine instead.

Comment July 18, 2020

Circling sharks and political distancing

“The first flush of success has faded into a pandemic pallor with Covid-19 hotspots breaking out in Melbourne and Sydney. And the worst, no doubt, is yet to come. As a second wave of infections takes hold, Scott Morrison’s performance in the top job …”

News April 11, 2020

The Greens’ New Deal

As policymakers puzzle over how to wake up Australia’s economy from ‘hibernation’, the Greens believe the solution lies in massive renewable energy investment and a Green New Deal.

News April 04, 2020

NBN under pressure

With Covid-19 making telehealth and working from home a necessity, the importance of the NBN – as well as its current inadequacies – has never been clearer.

News March 14, 2020

AAP closure leaves industry reeling

The closure of the Australian Associated Press news service threatens to devastate regional and smaller media players. So was the decision taken solely in response to falling revenue streams, or was there also an attempt to stifle competition at play?

News November 09, 2019

Risking life in PNG limbo

Ahead of a senate vote that could repeal the medevac legislation, the fate of more than 200 asylum seekers in Port Moresby hangs in the balance.

News August 17, 2019

Repairing vocational education

According to a confidential report, Australia’s largest private training college raked in hundreds of millions in public money before its collapse, despite abysmal completion rates. A senior figure in the sector fears it could happen again.

News June 01, 2019

Inside the broad church of Scott Morrison

With a stunning election victory behind him, Scott Morrison has further consolidated his power by elevating key allies into his ministry.

News May 11, 2019

Mortgage brokers oppose changes to trail commissions

The mortgage broking industry is questioning a key recommendation of the Hayne royal commission, saying it was based on incomplete evidence submitted by Commonwealth Bank.

Comment April 13, 2019

The funding gap on education

“Melbourne’s Caulfield Grammar is building a pool with a moveable floor, while Presbyterian Ladies College will soon have an orchestra lift – which would all be fine, if it wasn’t part-funded by taxpayers.”

News April 06, 2019

Inside the Liberal Party’s dirt unit

As the Liberal Party dirt unit that helped win the NSW election opens up about tactics, key players are moving to the federal campaign.

News March 23, 2019

Shooters party set to wield power in NSW

With NSW facing the possibility of a hung parliament, fear grows that the state’s gun laws – already eroded by two decades of deal-making with the Shooters party – will be further traded away.

News March 16, 2019

NBN write-down could cost tens of billions

A write-down of the NBN, as well as necessary upgrades, may cost taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, according to leaked emails from an industry expert forum.

Comment September 17, 2016

Malcolm Turnbull’s biographer turns on the PM

“Who could have predicted the gutlessness, vacuity and incompetence that this prime minister has delivered? Malcolm Turnbull was not meant to be a short-lived, bumbling, forgettable PM. ”