Patrick Hartigan
is a Sydney-based artist.

By this author

Art October 25, 2014

Gunter Christmann exhibition outside the box

The German-born gleaner and Darlinghurst institution in a retrospective at Heide.

Art September 27, 2014

Robert Rooney’s out-of-the-ordinary photography

A voyage to a space where the pedestrian becomes a profound and uncommon place.

Art August 30, 2014

Joe Furlonger and John Stezaker

Two very different artists traverse the twin peaks of innocence and economy.

Art August 16, 2014

Cloud Arch makes Sydney the city of lightness

Not weighed down by noisy debate over public art, the City of Sydney shows a light touch with three bold new commissions.

Art July 12, 2014

Titian and Tintoretto bring Venetian Renaissance to the NGV

Titian, the Italian master celebrated as the father of Spain’s Prado, finds his way to Melbourne.

Art June 21, 2014

Concrete ideas at MUMA

A new exhibition explores the dichotomy between the real and the abstract, the free-flowing and the solid.

Art May 17, 2014

The sculptural works of William Kentridge & Linda Marrinon

Two renowned figurative artists find magical ways to create their own history.

Art April 12, 2014

Imagining desire at Sydney’s 19th Biennale

Overwhelming and sometimes strange, sprawling but also magical, the Sydney Biennale engages on many levels.

Art March 22, 2014

Art Gallery of NSW opens its doors to the art of Sol LeWitt

As a pioneer of conceptual art, Sol LeWitt produced deceptively simple but dramatic works whose influence transcends.