Paul Bongiorno

is a columnist for The Saturday Paper and a 30-year veteran of the Canberra Press Gallery.

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Opinion February 14, 2015

Joe Hockey: 19 points behind ‘Don’t Know’

“What Credlin and Abbott must know is that the same agitators who precipitated last Monday’s spill motion have a plan to strike again. This time the performance of Hockey will be the trigger. ”

News February 07, 2015

Abbott burying his head in the quicksand

“The fact is, the agenda that is responsible for the government’s plunge in support is still very much on the table. ”

Opinion December 20, 2014

Tony Abbott looks to the event horizon for his fate

“Abbott says he’s looking for answers on how the hostage taker slipped below the radar. Just as urgent politically is to find an answer to the toxicity poisoning his government at the top. ”

Opinion December 13, 2014

How the PM’s office is wrecking his government

“Just as stories of the Rudd office’s dysfunction began seeping into the media for months before he was brought down, persistent reports are beginning to appear about the Abbott office.”

Opinion December 06, 2014

Abbott through the looking-glass

“Many coalition MPs are fuming at the government’s political woes and lay the blame squarely at the door of the PM and his senior ministers. Some worry that they are as delusional as Humpty Dumpty.”

Opinion November 29, 2014

Abbott scraping barnacles off a sinking ship

“Without blushing Abbott insisted, 'This is a government that has fundamentally kept faith with the Australian people.'”

Opinion November 22, 2014

Post G20, Abbott gets the thin edge of the sandwich

“The breakaway of Lambie and Muir spells big trouble for Abbott. Finance Minister Mathias Cormann was apoplectic. But no one was angrier than Clive Palmer.”

Opinion November 15, 2014

A change in climate

“When you realise the budget is in fact the government’s 'Economic Action Strategy' being trumpeted in Brisbane, the PM better hope no one is looking too closely. ”

Opinion November 08, 2014

Liberals beauty pageant of preferred leaders

“One senior Labor politician says the Liberals may well return to Malcolm Turnbull, 'if they get to be as desperate as we were in the run-up to the last election'.”