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is a literary and culture critic.

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Theatre July 09, 2016

Malthouse Theatre’s ‘The Events’

A masterful portrayal of the survivor of a mass shooting bears witness to the challenges of faith, healing and compassion.

Theatre May 07, 2016

MTC’s ’Miss Julie’ misfire

Talented actors are left adrift in MTC's adaptation of Strindberg's masterpiece, 'Miss Julie'.

Theatre March 26, 2016

MTC’s ‘The Distance’

MTC's The Distance is an enjoyably unpredictable comedy-drama.

Theatre February 06, 2016

MTC’s ‘Ladies in Black’

Ladies in Black, as Aussie as SeaChange or Prisoner, is one of the finer recent attempts at the elusive form of the musical.

Theatre November 28, 2015

MTC’s ‘Buyer and Cellar’

MTC falls short in its one-man deconstructive tribute to the incomparable Barbra Streisand.

Theatre October 17, 2015

Theatre Works’ ‘The Bacchae’

Director Adena Jacobs takes a classic Greek tragedy and sets it free – with an erotic vengeance – in the hands of a troupe of teenage girls.

Theatre September 05, 2015

MTC’s The Weir

MTC’s production of the supernaturally tinged Irish pub drama The Weir is a slow-burning pleasure.

Theatre August 08, 2015

MTC’s Death and the Maiden

This stark new production sadly robs Ariel Dorfman’s modern classic Death and the Maiden of its considerable power.

Culture July 18, 2015

Moshinsky’s Verdi deeds

Opera director Elijah Moshinsky returns to Australia after 15 years to restage his monumental Don Carlos.