Peter Craven
is a literary and culture critic.

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Theatre December 10, 2016

Opera Australia’s Ring cycle

Neil Armfield’s stark but powerful Ring delivers Wagner’s masterpiece as a triumph of the Australian stage, as good as could be imagined anywhere.

Theatre November 26, 2016

Red Stitch Theatre’s ‘Uncle Vanya’

Nadia Tass’s production of Uncle Vanya for Red Stitch suffers from some pretensions, but a superb cast does the incomparable Chekhov justice.

Theatre October 22, 2016

‘Switzerland’ at MTC

Joanna Murray-Smith’s drama about thriller writer Patricia Highsmith’s dying days sequestered in Switzerland is brilliant, sinister entertainment in the Hitchcock mode.

Culture September 24, 2016

Kate Cherry takes centre stage

Director Kate Cherry takes the helm at NIDA with a vision of the school not just as an incubator of dramatic talent but of the nation’s cultural future.

Theatre September 17, 2016

MTC’s ‘Disgraced’

The brilliance of the MTC’s latest production, Disgraced, completes a trifecta of fine Australian shows.

Theatre August 06, 2016

Malthouse Theatre’s ‘Edward II’

A new production of Marlowe’s classic Edward II strips back the original until what remains is a flat facsimile.

Theatre July 09, 2016

Malthouse Theatre’s ‘The Events’

A masterful portrayal of the survivor of a mass shooting bears witness to the challenges of faith, healing and compassion.

Theatre May 07, 2016

MTC’s ‘Miss Julie’ misfire

Talented actors are left adrift in MTC's adaptation of Strindberg's masterpiece, 'Miss Julie'.

Theatre March 26, 2016

MTC’s ‘The Distance’

MTC's The Distance is an enjoyably unpredictable comedy-drama.