Peter Craven
is a literary and culture critic.

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Theatre October 11, 2014

David Suchet’s Last Confession

Most famous as TV's moustachioed sleuth, David Suchet’s onstage role as a cardinal is cashing in on his mass appeal.

Theatre September 06, 2014

The Sublime explores dark matter

Brendan Cowell’s MTC play about the horrifying world of footballers and sexual abuse is a Jacobean triumph.

Culture August 02, 2014

Is there anything writer, actor and director Wayne Blair can’t do?

He’s worked with Oscar winners, directed a hit film and now brings to life the story of a revered Indigenous Australian.

Theatre July 26, 2014

Missing Bisley takes shine off MTC’s Glengarry Glen Ross

Mamet’s monster of a play is given a mousy rendition, save for its star.

Culture June 21, 2014

From stage to screen for Simon Russell Beale’s King Lear

He has enchanted audiences and critics alike, but for Simon Russell Beale the dark souls of his subjects leave a lasting impression.