Polly Hemming

is director of The Australia Institute climate and energy program.

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podcast May 23, 2023

Is Labor gaslighting voters on climate?

Director of the Australia Institute’s climate and energy program Polly Hemming on what a year of Labor government has delivered for the climate.

Environment December 10, 2022

Why a biodiversity environment market doesn’t work

Market-based measures have demonstrably failed to solve problems in our public services, from health care to utilities. So why does the government think that putting a price on critically endangered wildlife habitats can help save them?

Environment November 26, 2022

What’s next for the Climate Change Authority?

The Climate Change Authority has been strengthened after successive Coalition governments stripped it of its potential, but its role and independence remain in doubt.

podcast November 01, 2022

Can a fossil-fuel company go net-zero?

Polly Hemming on how the government gives green credentials to fossil-fuel companies.

Environment October 29, 2022

How the government supports greenwashing

Unlike in almost any other country, Australia’s corporate greenwashing is being facilitated and encouraged by government.