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summer_schwartz December 31, 2020

Covid creeps across the nation

The rest of the states may be feeling vindicated in their decision to close their borders to Sydneysiders, with three new locally acquired cases in Melbourne believed to be linked to the NSW outbreak. The three cases, which bring an end to Victoria’s …

summer_schwartz December 30, 2020

Trade winds turn to India

New Trade Minister Dan Tehan will prioritise securing an Australia-India free trade deal, The Australian reports, as the government seeks alternative trading partners to counter Chinese bans on our exports. Negotiations on a proposed deal between …

summer_schwartz December 29, 2020

WHO’s Covid inquiry heats up

Australia is using its final months on the World Health Organization executive board to ensure the inquiry into the origins of Covid-19 remains robust and independent, despite rising China tensions, Guardian Australia reports. The investigation, …

summer_schwartz December 28, 2020

Cabin fever triggers breakouts

Authorities on either side of the country are considering how to punish the weekend’s hotel quarantine escape artists – if you can call them that. Both the 24-year-old man in Melbourne and the 49-year-old woman in Perth simply walked out of their …

summer_schwartz December 24, 2020

Gift that’ll keep on giving

Christmas considerations “muddied” the NSW government’s decision to modestly ease restrictions yesterday, with an anonymous minister telling the Sydney Morning Herald it would not have been done at any other time of year. The crisis cabinet …

summer_schwartz December 23, 2020

New bill targets big bullies

The federal government will today release a draft of its new Online Safety Bill, with its centrepiece reform tackling online abuse among adults. The proposed legislation will give the eSafety Commissioner the power to order the removal of abusive material, …

summer_schwartz December 22, 2020

Sydney’s Christmas countdown

Christmas plans are on hold as Sydney awaits today’s Covid case numbers, with the Australian media torn between optimism and pessimism, hope and fear. The Australian is leading with a Covid-19 Christmas miracle, while Guardian Australia

summer_schwartz December 21, 2020

Sydney home alone for Christmas

Sydneysiders are now locked out of every other state and territory, with Victoria, Queensland, the ACT, South Australia and the Northern Territory effectively shutting borders to them overnight. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has dispatched 700 police …