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Culture June 27, 2020


Melbourne author Tom Doig’s book about the 45-day fire at the Hazelwood open-cut coalmine, located less than 500 metres from the Gippsland town of Morwell, was five years in the making. Its publication was then delayed by another year because of court …

Culture October 05, 2019

Hollow Earth

Award-winning Australian poet John Kinsella’s latest novel draws on the “hollow Earth” tradition, which used imaginary subterranean worlds as a tool for satire and social critique. Bringing the genre into the 21st century, Kinsella’s Hollow …

Culture August 31, 2019

The Gap

The Gap is the latest memoir from Australian author and filmmaker Benjamin Gilmour, looking back on his work as a paramedic in Sydney during the summer of 2008. Page after page of stories describe the calls that Gilmour and his colleagues attend, …

Culture June 08, 2019

Little Boy

Little Boy is ostensibly a fictional memoir whose broad details follow the life of its author, the poet and publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Born in 1919, Ferlinghetti co-founded San Francisco bookstore City Lights, which also published many …

Culture February 16, 2019

You Know You Want This

Kristen Roupenian’s name may not be familiar, but there’s a good chance you’ve read, or at least heard of, her short story “Cat Person”. After its publication in The New Yorker in 2017, that story went viral on social media, inspiring …

Books February 02, 2019


In a somewhat dystopian near future, Evan is an avant-garde theatre director and drug addict living in Japan who loses contact with his dealer just as he is about to launch his latest play. Kras is a retired Slovenian war minister celebrating his 50th …