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book July 15, 2017

Draw Your Weapons

“War,” observes the American theorist and former theologian Sarah Sentilles, “is right here”: on the television, in the drone factory an hour’s drive from her home in Idaho, and in the form of an art student, Iraq war veteran and former Abu …

book June 24, 2017


Who hasn’t wondered: “Who am I?”? In Selfie, Will Storr asks: “What is ‘I’?” Storr, an award-winning British journalist and author of books including The Heretics: Adventures with the Enemies of Science, embarks …

book June 03, 2017

The Nothing

“I imagine things for a living,” remarks the narrator of The Nothing, “and the imagination is the most dangerous place on earth.” Waldo, once a famous and charismatic film director and rake, is now old and decrepit, the possessor of “most …

book May 20, 2017

New Philosopher, Issue 16

In the way of an amuse-bouche: the average Brit spends five hours a week watching television food programs but only four hours a week cooking; when noise exceeds 89 decibels, the brain has trouble discerning salty from sweet, but umami is unaffected by …

book May 13, 2017

The Only Girl in the World

The Etruscan god Orcus feasted on human flesh; his name inspired the French word “ogre”. The word makes its appearance very late in Maude Julien’s harrowing, heartbreaking, and against-all-odds uplifting memoir The Only Girl in the World, …

book April 08, 2017

The Songs of Trees

I want David George Haskell’s ears. He hears a hairy woodpecker working on green ash as “marching-band drummer, too stoned to care” and a pileated woodpecker, tapping away at the same tree, as “old man in no hurry to nail loose boards”; another …

book April 01, 2017

The White Queen: One Nation and the Politics of Race

Some people consider Pauline Hanson to be the Donald Trumpette of the Antipodes, the local queenpin of an international populist movement. Hanson herself promotes this narrative. Yet as David Marr asserts in White Queen, hers is indisputably …

book March 25, 2017

The Rules Do Not Apply

[TOC:ul In this story] With a loyal wife at home and a hot lover on the side, Ariel Levy confesses: “I thought I could be like a French man with a mistress in a movie … that I could step outside of my life for a few gleaming hours from time to time …

book March 18, 2017

Insomniac City

[TOC:ul In this story] When the writer and photographer Bill Hayes first met Oliver Sacks, the author of many much-loved books including Awakenings and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, dubbed “the poet laureate of medicine” …