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Books August 04, 2018

No Friend But the Mountains

“In the dead of night, at the peak of darkness, one is reminded more than ever of the power of the fences,” writes Behrouz Boochani. “The prisoners exhale a raw horror and deep hopelessness; they hold onto their nightmares – hold the nightmares …

Books July 28, 2018

The True Colour of the Sea

“Dan dropped dead on the sand and that was that.” In the first sentence of the first story in this very enjoyable new collection, Robert Drewe establishes the sea as a place of both death and sly comedy. There is a hoary literary convention of the …

Books June 02, 2018

Waiting for Elijah

Before his death from a policeman’s bullet at the age of 24, Elijah Holcombe had been an intelligent, personable and well-loved young man at university in Sydney as well as in his rural New South Wales community. Like his father, Jeremy, however, he …

Books April 27, 2018


In Curry: Eating, Reading and Race, Naben Ruthnum takes a bite at what he calls “currybooks” – food-centric memoir and fiction from the South Asian diaspora. Their recipe, as for curry itself, he explains, is flexible. Most, however, contain …

Books April 13, 2018

Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia

Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia is a mosaic, its more than 50 tiles –  short personal essays with unique patterns, shapes, colours and textures – coming together to form a powerful portrait of resilience. Some contributors, such as footballer …

Books March 31, 2018

The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted

It’s the late 1960s in the small town of Hometown, Victoria. People gather at the pub to watch Bellbird and Pick a Box, or drop in at the butcher shop of “Juicy” Collins for a gossip. Winds of change may be sweeping through places …

Books March 17, 2018

Two Sisters

The Jumas were in many ways a typical immigrant family. The father, Sadiq, was the one who decided they would leave Somalia for Norway in pursuit of a better life. He was open-minded, a poet and multilingual; he loved his new country and the opportunities …

Books February 17, 2018

The Melody

Somewhere in Europe, on a dark night, in a decaying seaside villa, a lonely old widower confronts an intruder in his kitchen. Alfred Busi has long been accustomed to the nightly din created by wild dogs, cats, monkeys, deer, pigs and rats that ferret …

Books February 03, 2018


“Thick stick sticky sticking wet ragged wool winding round the wounds …” The stuttering, staccato poetry of Emma Glass’s dark and surreal debut novel grabs you by the throat from the very first sentence and throws you straight into the head of …