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Books March 11, 2017

The Crying Place

[TOC:ul In this story] Saul, a mid-30s drifter, finds out his childhood friend Jed has committed suicide. Skipping the funeral, he sets out from Sydney on an epic trip across their homeland to find answers. Travelling to the fictional community of Ininyingi …

Books December 17, 2016

The Undoing Project

[TOC:ul In this story] For a period in his childhood, Daniel Kahneman lived like a hunted animal. When the Nazis occupied France he and his family fled into hiding. In search of Jews, the SS prowled the streets, stripping men and boys naked to see if …

Books October 22, 2016

Small Great Things

[TOC:ul In this story]Bestseller Jodi Picoult’s new novel Small Great Things is based on a true-life story. In Flint, Michigan, a white supremacist father refused to let an African-American nurse touch his baby. African-American hospital staff …

Books October 08, 2016

Fight Like a Girl

[TOC:ul In this story] “I can’t remember the first time I was called ugly, but I can remember the last. It was today,” writes Clementine Ford in Fight Like a Girl. In her new feminist manifesto, the popular – if controversial – Fairfax …

Books September 03, 2016

The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu

[TOC:ul In this story] “Not a single [Negro] was ever found,” Immanuel Kant declared in 1764, “who presented anything great in art or science or any other praiseworthy quality.” According to The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu, Kant …

Books June 04, 2016


[TOC:ul In this story] One ordinary summer’s afternoon American writer Lindy West received a message from her dead dad. Paul West had recently passed away from prostate cancer. But there he was, sitting at the piano, in a Twitter profile with the username …

Books February 27, 2016

From Victims to Suspects

[TOC:ul In this story] In 2014 Senator Jacqui Lambie circulated a photograph online of a woman draped head to toe in a blue burqa, her hand lifted at a cool 90 degrees, pointing a gun towards someone unseen. Sourced from the anti-immigration party Britain …

Books January 23, 2016

Human Acts

[TOC:ul In this story] As a child, Han Kang came across a photograph of a young woman’s corpse, “dead with a bayonet wound from her cheek to her throat, one eye cracked open and the other closed”. “Soundlessly, and without fuss, some tender thing …

Books October 10, 2015

The Heart Goes Last

[TOC:ul In this story] Anarchy has broken out in large swaths of America following a massive financial crash. Gangs prowl the streets, ready to rape, steal, and kill. Meanwhile, prim middle-class couple Charmaine and Stan camp in their car, the doors …