Reviewer: Elizabeth Flux

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Culture September 12, 2020

Dreams They Forgot

Two girls are on a prestigious exchange trip to Indonesia. Giselle is the shining star of the duo; she sailed through the interviews and was shortlisted immediately. For Sandra, it was more touch and go; she got her spot by parroting a political opinion …

Culture July 18, 2020

A Lonely Girl Is a Dangerous Thing

We’re not even halfway through the first page of this book before Jena Lin, former child prodigy, is in a chapel closet furiously banging a fellow musician she only vaguely knows. In her mind she doesn’t refer to him by name, just by instrument: Bassoon. …

Culture June 06, 2020


For as long as Canadian writer Eva Holland can remember, she has had two major fears – the death of her mother, and heights. When her mother unexpectedly dies of a stroke and, a few months later, Holland finds herself frozen in terror while ice climbing …