Reviewer: Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen

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Culture December 07, 2019

New Australian Fiction 2019

Within the pages of the first short-fiction collection from Australian literary journal Kill Your Darlings, we are transported to a series of engrossing micro-worlds. Editor Rebecca Starford writes in the introduction that “stories …

Culture September 07, 2019

Lucky Ticket

“She wrote weird stories with no endings,” one character observes of another in Joey Bui’s debut. In a way, this could be said of Bui’s writing, too – Lucky Ticket is a strange and spellbinding collection of short stories with question-mark …

Culture August 10, 2019


At the age of five, Kampol is left sitting on a kerbside by his father, who promises to return. The boy waits, waits, waits, eventually realising his father is not coming back. He floats around his village, raised by the families that surround him, drifting …