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Books March 31, 2018


The concept behind Jesse Andrews’ latest book is simple: the amount of munmun (money) you have is directly related to your physical size. Thus, bigrich (billionaires) walk the Yewess (United States) as colossi, feasting on cows and …

Books February 10, 2018

Restless Souls

In Dan Sheehan’s debut novel, four Irish friends, Tom, Baz, Gabriel and Karl, exit high school with varying degrees of ambition. Narrator Karl fancies himself a photographer of bleak spaces, while Tom heads off to war-torn Sarajevo as an unqualified …

Books December 02, 2017

The Baker’s Alchemy

Twenty-one years have passed since John Stephenson’s first novel, The Optimist. His long-overdue sophomore book comes in the unusual form of a Polish fable, The Baker’s Alchemy. Those expecting anything similar to his well-received …

Books November 18, 2017

The Woman Who Fooled the World

Despite being fresh in our minds, the case of Belle Gibson is still compelling. A self-styled “wellness warrior” who built a business by hoodwinking millions into believing she had cured terminal brain cancer, Gibson’s fraudulent house of cards …

Books November 04, 2017

The Relive Box

Thomas Coraghessan Boyle is a respected American writer who, despite penning 16 novels and 11 short-story collections, has never managed to set the literary world ablaze. His work is commendable, readable and occasionally veers into the fantastical, but …

Books August 26, 2017

City of Crows

Women who cast spells and brew potions to dispel illness and fuel desire have historically been vilified as servants of the devil. Contemporary culture has, to a large degree, drained the menace and repositioned witches as figures of frivolity in TV shows …

Books July 29, 2017

On the Java Ridge

The Java Ridge is a boat ferrying Australian surf tourists from Bali to the killer breaks found off remote Indonesian islands to the south. Stand-in captain Isi Natoli is at the helm, while her partner, Joel, is in Perth, trying to save the business. …

Books June 10, 2017

The Destroyers

The Greek islands are often romanticised in fiction, employed as a destination for disaffected middle-class wastrels wishing to rediscover what life is really about by eating feta salads on sun-kissed patios and tumbling into bed with handsome salt-of-the-earth …

Books April 29, 2017


Walkaway begins with a chapter entitled “Communist Party”, then lists the 22 hipster names of protagonist Hubert, Etc, which his parents chose from the 1890 census. The party in question is an outré rave, set in an abandoned bed-making factory, …