Reviewer: Khalid Warsame

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Culture September 21, 2019

A Portrait of Alice as a Young Man

The cultural historian and essayist Maria Tumarkin once described an essay as “a dramatisation of a writer’s mind at work”. Ender Başkan’s A Portrait of Alice as a Young Man, though a novel, takes this dictum as its primary motivating …

Culture June 22, 2019

The White Girl

In critical appraisals of Tony Birch’s fiction, certain adjectives appear again and again. Of the prose: “spare”, “concise”, “uncluttered”; the characters “vivid” and rendered with “compassion”. Perhaps it is true that good novels, …

Culture May 25, 2019

The Other Americans

How strange it is to know someone, perhaps even intimately, yet be utterly blind to them at the same time. But how much of that is a wilful blindness? Laila Lalami, who has built her reputation as a novelist on keenly observing the gaps of understanding …

Culture May 04, 2019

The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela

When she died last year at the age of 81, the public conversation about Winnie Madikizela-Mandela’s legacy arranged itself around two poles: her long and turbulent marriage to Nelson Mandela, and her image as a tragic figure. But Winnie Mandela was …