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Books June 29, 2018

and my heart crumples like a coke can

Poetry and comedy meet in Ali Whitelock’s poetry collection and my heart crumples like a coke can. As in a stand-up routine, these poems offer sharp social observation, frankness played for laughs and nourishing doses of swearing. And as with …

Books June 23, 2018


Roxane Gay is well known as a social commentator and writer of nonfiction. She is the author of Bad Feminist, a book of essays advocating an intersectional feminism, and of the memoir Hunger, which reveals her gang rape at age 12 as …

Books June 02, 2018

Small Wrongs

Kate Rossmanith’s Small Wrongs: How We Really Say Sorry in Love, Life and Law is a hybrid work of ethnography and memoir, focused on remorse. Wide-ranging, the book considers remorse in relation to the Catholic practice of confession, according …

Books May 19, 2018


Flames, a first novel by the Tasmanian Robbie Arnott, begins with a protagonist, Levi McAllister, observing his mother returning from death, her waist trailing a “peacock tail of vegetation” and her head adorned with “cascading fronds of …

Books April 21, 2018

A Sand Archive

Gregory Day, like Tim Winton, is an Australian novelist connected with an Australian place. While Winton writes about Western Australia, Day’s points of reference typically lie along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. Like his earlier work, Day’s latest …

Books March 10, 2018

The Book of Joan

As a work of literary fiction, The Book of Joan is an unusual beast. Part cli-fi dystopia, part superhero narrative, Lidia Yuknavitch’s latest novel revises the Joan of Arc myth to craft a secular, feminist, environmentalist fantasy. The action …

Books March 03, 2018

Apple and Knife

This new story collection by the Indonesian-born Intan Paramaditha uses horror as a vehicle for representing the experiences of women living in patriarchy and for expressing feminist anger. The results are both unsettling and intoxicating. Often revising …

Books January 27, 2018


In our era of climate change, prophecies about our future are commonplace. Scientists are our key prophets nowadays – though they are often repudiated or betrayed, like the religious prophets of old – but writers also increasingly offer their prognostications. …

Books December 02, 2017


If your problem with rap is that you can’t hear the words – or you think you won’t want to – Omar Musa’s new poetry collection Millefiori might change your mind. Musa is a Malaysian-Australian rapper, with two solo records, but he is …