Reviewer: Ronnie Scott

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Culture September 28, 2019

The Breeding Season

We spend most of our lives doing whatever we can to keep our bodies separate from our minds, but the world doesn’t have to work too hard to remind us they’re inextricable, the implication being that some day we will die. This tension is the rich theme …

Culture August 24, 2019

The Memory Police

On an unnamed island, in an unnamed country, many kinds of things are disappearing, a phenomenon that seems to be accelerating since it started, about 15 years before this novel opens. It takes in whole classes of things: birds, ferries, photos. Put like …

Culture May 18, 2019


Should we never find proof of other life forms in the universe, perhaps it is a comfort that the people here on Earth can be compassionate, intelligent and, in the case of Ted Chiang, very good at crafting short fiction that inspires both warm thoughts …

Culture April 06, 2019

Hollywood Godfather

This memoir tells of the author’s journey from polio-stricken child in postwar New York’s Little Italy to owner of Las Vegas’s hottest club in the late 1980s, where success was ensured by connections to Hollywood, politics, the mob, and “just …

Culture March 30, 2019

Simpson Returns

He lives and yet does not live; he’s flesh and yet not. He’s John Simpson, ill-fated stretcher-bearer of Gallipoli turned national myth, and in this short novel by Wayne Macauley, he’s dredged up from the mists of time along with Murphy the donkey, …

Books February 02, 2019

Highway Bodies

You’ve gotta love a novel about hardship and destruction that’s also a nicely crafted happiness machine – particularly when the hardship comes in the form of zombies, creatures whose prime motive is the consumption of the public, and whose ideas …