Reviewer: Shu-Ling Chua

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Culture March 07, 2020

The Coconut Children

Set in 1990s Cabramatta, The Coconut Children opens with charismatic 16-year-old Vince Tran celebrating his release from two years in juvenile detention. His laughter, “thundering through the entire neighbourhood”, drips with stolen homegrown …

Culture September 14, 2019

Shame on Me

Shame on Me follows a life spent piecing a fractured self into a whole, rooted in the moment a teacher asks eight-year-old Tessa McWatt: “What are you?” Drawing on history, literature and science, McWatt dissects the assumptions that cling …

book August 03, 2019

Dry Milk

Dry Milk by Huo Yan traces the decisions of John Lee, a lonely, dissatisfied Chinese migrant, as his precarious existence in Auckland unravels. The novella’s mundane opening barely conceals a deep simmering rage. Lee refers to his wife, who …

Culture May 18, 2019

Things Nobody Knows But Me

Things Nobody Knows But Me opens with Amra Pajalić learning, at age 16, that her mother’s illness is in fact bipolar disorder, and proceeds to build back to this moment. Through interlinked vignettes, she presents complex portraits of maternal …