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Books December 05, 2015

Unmarry Me

In the opening scene of Unmarry Me, two lusty heterosexuals, Ruby and Mark, are celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary. (“I love how you start your order with dessert, Rube.” “I love how you look in that shirt.”)  But a shadow …

Books October 10, 2015


By page 10 of Reckoning we are already sitting by a deathbed with a Polish Catholic priest, administering the last rites to the author’s father in his mother tongue. Magda Szubanski is one of Australia’s most adored comic actors but her …

Books September 19, 2015

Flesh Wounds

Flesh Wounds, Richard Glover’s engrossing and extremely funny memoir about his dysfunctional family, comes with endorsements from two of the more famous dysfunctional-family memoirists: Jeanette Winterson and Augusten Burroughs. Burroughs …

Books July 25, 2015

Skin Deep

Skin Deep is probably the world’s first tattoo-themed paranormal political crime thriller set in Brisbane. Yet Gary Kemble’s spooky and imaginative debut novel is less surprising for its spread-eagle approach to genre than for its unusual …

Books June 13, 2015

Almost Sincerely

Zoë Norton Lodge’s debut collection of stories, Almost Sincerely, might be far from polished, but it is hilarious. Here is an Australian writer with a gift for rendering suburban psychos and grotesques. To this end, Almost Sincerely …

Books April 18, 2015

The Life of Houses

An establishment family, a decaying colonial country property, an estranged daughter lost to the big smoke – The Life of Houses has all the ingredients of a dreadful family saga and is nothing of the sort. Instead, for her debut novel, Melbourne …