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Books July 23, 2016

The Windy Season

The precis of Sam Carmody’s debut novel, The Windy Season, reads like a congeries of Australian Gothic tropes: we have a small town where not everything is as it seems, a missing brother whose disappearance brings to light long-hidden family …

Books April 09, 2016

A History of Violence

Representations of the drug-trade violence that currently roils in Central America tend towards the lurid – it sometimes seems that Western audiences’ appetite for graphic details of cartel violence is almost as unquenchable as our thirst for the …

Books February 13, 2016

Fear Is the Rider

Time has been kind to Kenneth Cook’s career. The prolific Australian novelist, who died in 1987, is now remembered primarily for his 1961 novel Wake in Fright – itself best known for the 1971 film adaptation by Canadian director Ted Kotcheff. …

Books October 31, 2015


John Gribbin has written or co-written a stupendously large number of books about quantum physics, climate change, and evolutionary biology and genetics, as well as biographies of leading scientists. Yet his true loves seem to be cosmology (the study …

Books September 05, 2015

Fair Food

Books July 25, 2015

Getcha Rocks Off

British music writer Mick Wall’s memoir, Getcha Rocks Off, opens with an anecdote about a three-day bender in Los Angeles with members of Metallica, Iron Maiden and Guns N’ Roses. The bacchanal culminates in Wall being barred from his own …