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Diary May 06, 2017

Gadfly: Unrepentant. Always.

To the House of Fairfax first, where the knives came out with another grand opening of the redundancy program. The culling of a further 125 editorial jobs at the once mighty publishing group is the most galling act of newspaper bastardry in recent history. The ABC’s 7.30 reported on Wednesday night that in the past six years Fairfax has lost more than 600 journalists. The latest cuts are a crippling blow and make farcical the company’s incantations about “strengthening journalism”.

Diary April 22, 2017

Gadfly: Abercrombie and filch

What a terrible time for stalwarts of the Victorian Liberal Party Council, Andrew Abercrombie and Caroline Elliott. They have been on the receiving end of party president Michael Kroger’s rebukes over the former state director Damien Mantach’s trick of making $1.5 million disappear from the coffers.

Diary April 29, 2017

Gadfly: Work for the coal scheme

The relationship between the Greens and the giant roughhouse union the CFMEU is curious. The union has tipped money into the minority party in rather generous dollops. There seemed to be some quid pro quo with Senator Richard Di Natale and his parliamentary colleagues opposing the restoration of the Australian Building and Construction Commission and legislation to reduce the number of union people on the boards of super funds.

Diary April 15, 2017

Gadfly: Downer and out in Dublin and London

A treat is in store for the cavalcade of Australian barristers sweeping through London and Dublin in July on their two-yearly overseas knees-up. It looks like a pretty flatout affair, kicking off with drinks at Scarfes Bar, at the Rosewood London, named because of Gerald Scarfe’s artwork and his inspiration for the cocktails.

Diary April 08, 2017

Gadfly: Oscar ceremony mistake

This week there was a lovely afternoon tea at the Human Rights Commission HQ to welcome onboard June Oscar, the new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social justice commissioner. Dozens were in attendance, juggling cups, saucers and delicate little edibles.

Diary April 01, 2017

Gadfly: Radio National treasure

Gadfly took a leisurely drive along the Hume Highway to Canberra and what a treat to have Radio National for company. By the Mittagong turnoff there was James Carleton’s show “God Forbid” with an item on the advantage of being white, leading into a top-rate discussion on 18C with academics Helen Pringle and Iain Benson. Hands down it was one of the liveliest talks on this well-worn topic since Dr Andreas Bolt (BA-in-waiting) had trouble with his fair-skinned Aborigines.

Diary March 25, 2017

Gadfly: Out of harmony’s way

Harmony Day turned into a triumph for pinkish-coloured people. PM Turnbull and his pale-skinned sidekick Bookshelves “Bigot” Brandis say it’s important for our free speech that tinted people be subject to offence, insults and humiliation – but no harassment, please. The Macquarie Dictionary says that “harass” means “to trouble by repeated attacks, incursions, etc ... to disturb persistently”.

Opinion March 18, 2017

Brandis’s plan for metadata in civil litigation

“As if having the entire nation under surveillance for potential criminal offences was not sweeping enough, George Brandis has fresh thoughts about extending Big Brother’s scope. ”

Diary March 18, 2017

Gadfly: Brandis logs his claim

Diarist-at-large flies about the nation.

Diary March 11, 2017

Gadfly: Animal crackers

Diarist-at-large flies about the nation.

Diary March 04, 2017

Gadfly: Oh Fatherland, show us the sign

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flies about the nation.

Diary February 25, 2017

Gadfly: Piers group pressure

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flies about the nation.

Diary February 18, 2017

Gadfly: The munificent Seven

Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flies about the nation.