Richard Denniss
is The Australia Institute’s chief economist.

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Opinion August 01, 2020

The true cost of a traumatised nation

“Some economists in Australia are trying to force a debate about whether we ‘should’ let Covid-19 kill tens of thousands of people or ruin the economy and force millions of Australians into unemployment and poverty. What would you do? As a year 12 …”

Opinion June 06, 2020

Unis must save staff not cash reserves

“It’s easy to avoid a hard question by simply saying the government ‘should’ provide more money to the universities. But there’s a long list of things the Morrison government should do: extend the JobKeeper payment to casuals and temporary residents; …”

Opinion March 21, 2020

How Australia can avoid economic collapse in the wake of Covid-19

“For decades, Australians have been sold an imagined poverty. We have been told we need to ‘rein in’ government spending – that if we want to spend more on health or education, we will need to spend less on the age pension or childcare. But the reality …”

Opinion February 29, 2020

The inequality of the superannuation system

“A part-time cleaner earning $18,000 a year will receive zero tax concessions for their compulsory superannuation contribution; meanwhile, a chief executive of a big bank can get tens of thousands of dollars every year in taxpayer support for their “retirement …”

Opinion July 06, 2019

Money, votes and the ‘pendulum’

“What if money didn’t matter much in Australian politics? Clive Palmer just spent $53 million on ads for his United Australia Party and had zero candidates elected. And Jacqui Lambie won a senate seat having gone through a lot of shoe leather but spent …”