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News July 24, 2021

What drives Dr Kerry Chant?

Dr Kerry Chant is on the front line in the fight against Covid-19. She is described by colleagues as someone who abhors small talk and will give advice regardless of the impact on her career.

News July 10, 2021

Part one: The true story of Australia’s vaccine failure

A time line of the science behind the Covid-19 vaccines shows how close Australia came to its own breakthroughs, and how it backed the wrong candidates.

News July 03, 2021

Exclusive: Morrison ignored chief health officers’ advice

On Monday, chief health officers urged Scott Morrison to drop the AstraZeneca vaccine entirely. Instead, he broadened its usage.

News June 19, 2021

The police, the YouTube star and the Labor Party

The arrest of a Friendlyjordies producer on an intimidation charge is the latest strange turn in the life of the Labor-aligned YouTube star.

News June 12, 2021

Is Medicare under attack?

Looming changes to Medicare rebates have brought howls of protest and the potential for another ‘Mediscare’ campaign by Labor. But, experts say, the real problem is the rise of private health and the slow drift to a US-style system.

News June 05, 2021

‘You had one job’: inside the botched aged-care rollout

At the same time as the government was failing to deliver vaccines to aged-care homes, it scrapped the support payment designed to stop staff working at multiple sites – a key source of transmission.

News May 29, 2021

Vaccine rollout: how it all went so terribly wrong

The federal government has taken unprecedented control of Covid-19 vaccinations, but the rollout has been mired in politics, faulty numbers and unawarded tenders.

News May 22, 2021

Is a former Murdoch executive the ABC’s next best hope?

As yet another funding fight looms for the national broadcaster, the government has appointed three new members to the ABC board.

News May 15, 2021

Refugee processing blitz

Refugees who have waited for years to have their cases for asylum heard are now being rushed through a new system that critics say erodes due process.