Romy Ash

is a novelist. Her first book, Floundering, was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin award.

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Culture July 31, 2021


“Last night, in the charming, converted barn, as we swilled red-black wine in long stemmed glasses, she said: “I just feel when I get up for the fifth or sixth time that night, I just look at her and I think that maybe the one way it could end, that …”

Culture March 14, 2020

The Australian Ballet’s Alice Topp

As a homesick teenager from Bendigo, Alice Topp dreamed of dancing with The Australian Ballet. Now she is also a resident choreographer with the company, and only the second woman to hold the title. She speaks about the creative collaboration of her latest work, Logos. “We are in a vulnerable space together, and it’s a safe space and we’re free to have our own voice and it’s a really special journey for me. I can’t imagine creating any other way.”

Culture October 26, 2019

Musician Becky Sui Zhen

A conversation at the desk of singer-songwriter Becky Sui Zhen.

Portrait September 21, 2019

Trans rights activist Rebekah Robertson

A visit to the home of author, actor and founder of transgender support network Transcend, Rebekah Robertson.

Culture July 27, 2019

Artist Adrian Lazzaro

A visit to Arts Project, the studio of sketcher Adrian Lazzaro.

Portrait June 29, 2019

DJ and sound artist Lucreccia Quintanilla

A walk along Merri Creek with multimedia artist Lucreccia Quintanilla.

Culture February 23, 2019

Filmmaker Elizabeth Pepin Silva

Watching the waves with surfer, photographer and documentarian Elizabeth Pepin Silva.

Portrait February 02, 2019

Professor David Lindenmayer

A walk through Toolangi State Forest with scientist and academic David Lindenmayer.

Portrait December 08, 2018

Indigenous fire educator Victor Steffensen

A walk through Kuranda, Queensland, with Indigenous fire practitioner Victor Steffensen.

Portrait November 17, 2018

Chef Julia Ostro

In the kitchen with chef and author Julia Ostro.

Portrait September 29, 2018

Dancer Jo Lloyd

A walk through the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art with choreographer and dancer Jo Lloyd.

Portrait July 28, 2018

Artist Jake Walker

A walk through the home studio of abstract artist Jake Walker.

Culture June 16, 2018

Dark Mofo guest artist Laurie Anderson

Laurie Anderson has been a creative pioneer for decades, working across genre, time and place. Now 71 and still prolific, she continues to push boundaries with virtual reality projects. “You, yourself, your body kind of disappears and you have this incredible freedom to fly and to observe things that you wouldn’t be able to do in your body. So it’s almost like you’re as free as your imagination and you become your own imagination. It’s very, very thrilling.”

Portrait April 21, 2018

Poet Hera Lindsay Bird

Visiting New Zealand poet Hera Lindsay Bird in Wellington.

Portrait March 31, 2018

Whanganui River guide Charles Ranginui

A journey down the Whanganui River with Charles Ranginui.

Culture March 24, 2018

Armando Iannucci in the Bolshevik of it

Satirist Armando Iannucci has turned from his hit TV comedies Veep and The Thick of It to mining the lethal absurdities of the Soviet Union for his film The Death of Stalin. He talks about the comedy of power. “It seems strangely topical with all the talk about facts and alternative facts, new truths and old truths, and the authoritarianism too. It’s frightening.”

Portrait March 10, 2018

Glass artist Emma Camden

A visit to the studio of glass sculptor Emma Camden.

Culture December 16, 2017

Video artist Candice Breitz

On the eve of the NGV Triennial, artist Candice Breitz turned a work about refugees into a work of protest directed at the gallery’s security contracts. “While I am grateful for the immense support I have received from the NGV,” she announced, “it would be morally remiss, in light of the above knowledge, for me to remain silent in the context of the current conversation that is taking place around the Australian government’s ongoing and systematic abuse of refugees.”

Portrait September 09, 2017

Neighbourhood life

Housebound with an infant, the author watches the street life unfold.

Portrait August 19, 2017

Exploratory musician Lizzy Welsh

Violinist Lizzy Welsh talks before her rehearsal for the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music.

Culture July 08, 2017

Angourie Rice on staying real in Hollywood

As an actress on the rise, Angourie Rice is determined to find roles beyond the cookie-cutter teenage girls. Here, she talks about the importance of female representation, working with Kidman and Coppola, and frocking up for The Beguiled.

Portrait May 20, 2017

James Joyce expert Frances Devlin-Glass

Frances Devlin-Glass stages Joyce’s Dublin, smell by smell.

Culture April 08, 2017

Artist Emily Floyd and her Icelandic Puffins

Whether using toy-like puffins to explore the global financial crisis or woodcut typefaces to examine feminist theory, Emily Floyd’s art is grounded in deep thinking and subtle references.

Portrait April 08, 2017

Comedian Anne Edmonds

Comedian Anne Edmonds serves up a slice of middle Australia.

Portrait April 01, 2017

Writer and step-mother Kelly Chandler

Step-parenting with the author of The Other Mother, Kelly Chandler.

Portrait February 25, 2017

Bianca Hester and the Open Spatial Workshop

A walk through works curated by Bianca Hester and the Open Spatial Workshop team at the Monash University Museum of Art.

Culture December 24, 2016

Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens’ ‘Imagined Touch’

Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens are deafblind performers whose work allows audiences to experience the world via touch, guided through darkness and silence.

Portrait December 03, 2016

Landscape designer Paul Bangay

A walk through Stonefields with Paul Bangay.

Culture November 19, 2016

Client Liaison’s all-consuming synth pop project

Are Melbourne band Client Liaison living inside an enormous performance art piece or are they taking the piss?

Portrait October 22, 2016

Martu elder Nyarri Nyarri Morgan and ‘Collisions’

A virtual reality tour with Maralinga survivor Nyarri Nyarri Morgan.

Portrait August 27, 2016

Biotech drug scientist Dr Andrew Cuthbertson

Meeting Dr Andrew Cuthbertson of CSL, developers of Gardasil.

Portrait August 13, 2016

Fundraiser Teddy Hardstaff

A head fundraiser in the Hardstaff household.

Portrait July 30, 2016

Sharing a banquet with MasterChef Adam Liaw

Adam Liaw, 2010 MasterChef winner, on his passion for keeping things simple in the kitchen.

Portrait July 02, 2016

Artist Elizabeth Newman

In the studio with artist Elizabeth Newman.

Culture June 18, 2016

Cindy Sherman on her lifelong love of dress-ups

Cindy Sherman has been lauded as an ‘artist of our time’ for her striking personal transformations.

Portrait April 16, 2016

Sydney Theatre Company director Kip Williams

A mid-rehearsal chat over a hurried lunch with Kip Williams.

Travel March 05, 2016

Alma Bay on Queensland’s Magnetic Island

Finding your bearings on a nostalgic island under the watchful gaze of the local rock wallabies.

Portrait February 20, 2016

Building bridges

Comic creator Jessica Hansell “smuggles things in through the disguise of lighthearted humour”.

Portrait January 30, 2016

Perfect harmony with Tim Finn

From the roots to the Enz.

Portrait January 23, 2016

Comedian and writer Ben Elton

A sit-down with the stand-up Ben Elton.

Portrait May 09, 2015

Never a backward step for SDC’s Rafael Bonachela

Sydney Dance Company artistic director Rafael Bonachela on the emotion behind his work.

Culture March 21, 2015

The dark inspiration of American auteur David Lynch

In Brisbane for an exhibition of his visual art, American auteur David Lynch talks about his sources of creativity.

Portrait December 06, 2014

Whole Larder Love author Rohan Anderson

How Rohan Anderson turned his unhealthy life around by becoming a hunter/gatherer.

Portrait November 08, 2014

Actress Miriam Margolyes channels voices from within

From a sheepdog in Babe to Dickens’ women, Miriam Margolyes’s voice work is known throughout the world.

Culture October 25, 2014

Missy Higgins’ eclectic homage to artists from Oz

Shy Missy Higgins returns to the spotlight by sharing it with others.

Portrait October 04, 2014

The woman behind the Countertechnique, Anouk van Dijk

Anouk van Dijk doesn't just think she can dance. She, and everyone else, knows she can.

Portrait August 30, 2014

Birth controller

What it's like to help bring more than a thousand babies into the world.

Culture August 23, 2014

Beloved Australian actor Sigrid Thornton enters a new stage

Now 55, much-loved actor Sigrid Thornton is back in the spotlight, performing for the MTC.

Portrait August 09, 2014

Jessie Cole, and a life in isolation

Author Jessie Cole strolls through the  northern NSW bush of her childhood, the setting for Deeper Water.

Portrait June 07, 2014

Earthly delights

No one loves getting down and dirty more than mycologist Tom May.

Culture May 31, 2014

Totally wicked Lucy Durack

Nobody does blonde and ditzy better than Wicked star Lucy Durack. But now this winning witch is also turning her creative powers to writing.

Portrait May 17, 2014

Dark horse

Singer-songwriter and family man Tex Perkins recalls the Joh years in Brisbane and getting his big break in music.

Portrait April 19, 2014

Hearing colour

Romy Ash meets master of sound Michael Winslow

Portrait April 05, 2014

Running lines with Robyn Nevin

In the rehearsal room with one of Australia's finest actors.

Portrait March 22, 2014

A Mile Down with David Vann

David Vann talks about the real story behind A Mile Down.