Romy Ash
is a novelist. Her first book, Floundering, was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin award.

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Culture December 24, 2016

Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens’ ‘Imagined Touch’

Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens are deafblind performers whose work allows audiences to experience the world via touch, guided through darkness and silence.

Portrait December 03, 2016

Landscape designer Paul Bangay

A walk through Stonefields with Paul Bangay.

Culture November 19, 2016

Client Liaison’s all-consuming synth pop project

Are Melbourne band Client Liaison living inside an enormous performance art piece or are they taking the piss?

Portrait October 22, 2016

Martu elder Nyarri Nyarri Morgan and ‘Collisions’

A virtual reality tour with Maralinga survivor Nyarri Nyarri Morgan.

Portrait August 27, 2016

Biotech drug scientist Dr Andrew Cuthbertson

Meeting Dr Andrew Cuthbertson of CSL, developers of Gardasil.

Portrait August 13, 2016

Fundraiser Teddy Hardstaff

A head fundraiser in the Hardstaff household.

Portrait July 30, 2016

Sharing a banquet with MasterChef Adam Liaw

Adam Liaw, 2010 MasterChef winner, on his passion for keeping things simple in the kitchen.

Portrait July 02, 2016

Artist Elizabeth Newman

In the studio with artist Elizabeth Newman.

Culture June 18, 2016

Cindy Sherman on her lifelong love of dress-ups

Cindy Sherman has been lauded as an ‘artist of our time’ for her striking personal transformations.