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is the founder of The Lifted Brow and author of the forthcoming novel The Adversary.

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Culture July 20, 2019

Novelist and playwright Peter Polites

In his second novel, The Pillars, Peter Polites uses Australia’s fixation on home ownership to explore the intersection of race, class and sexuality – as well as a growing conservatism within the queer community. “If you look at the generic images coming out of the queer community, there is a very specific aesthetic going on that’s obviously tied to race and class … You can be a total slut monster but still operate within a hegemonic discursive framework. There’s nothing radical about reinforcing dominant discourse. To me, that’s the opposite of sexual liberation.”

Culture September 09, 2017

Alice Chipkin and Jessica Tavassoli find comic relief

Alice Chipkin and Jessica Tavassoli’s graphic memoir takes an insightful look at big issues such as clinical depression and sexuality – but at its heart it’s also just an intimate portrait of long-time friends.

Culture November 29, 2014

David Shrigley behind the lines

The humour of David Shrigley’s ink sketches and installations is a Trojan horse for deeper ruminations.

Culture August 09, 2014

Comic relief for Megahex creator Simon Hanselmann

As a gender-confused teen, Simon Hanselmann retreated to the world of art. Now, he’s on the brink of becoming a global comics superstar.

Travel July 12, 2014

Staying on track from Malaysia to Thailand

A long train trip is the perfect time to sit back, relax … and find yourself trapped in an endless discussion about railway lines.