Royce Kurmelovs
is an Adelaide-based freelance journalist and author.

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News February 13, 2021

Wages war in Adelaide’s Chinatown

Video footage of an alleged assault at a tea house in Adelaide’s Chinatown has pulled focus onto the issue of wage theft and underpayment, especially among migrants and international students.

News January 30, 2021

Tech giants push back on media bargaining code

The Australian government’s bid to have Google and Facebook share revenue with local media companies has seen the tech giants threaten drastic action – with the main aim of heading off similar measures from other countries.

News January 23, 2021

Political donations and the resources sector’s influence

The fossil fuel industry’s outsized influence on Australian politics is confirmed by a new report, which tracks the millions of dollars spent by the sector in political donations over the past two decades.

News November 28, 2020

The Woodville Pizza Bar incident

As South Australian Premier Steven Marshall promises to ‘throw the book’ at a student who allegedly misled contact tracers, epidemiologists fear a punitive response could undermine efforts to trace and contain future outbreaks.

News October 24, 2020

Victoria’s hotel quarantine inquiry

While Victoria’s hotel quarantine inquiry has been marked by the poor recall of some politicians and senior bureaucrats, the seeds of disaster were likely sown several governments ago.

News July 11, 2020

Public schools still missing out on funding

New analysis shows funding for Catholic and independent schools grew more than five times that of public schools in the past decade.

News July 04, 2020

The flaws in the COVIDSafe app

When the COVIDSafe contact tracing app launched, tech-savvy experts went looking for flaws. It didn’t take long to find them.

News May 23, 2020

The new world of desk-bound work

With Covid-19 forcing so many employees to work from home, permanent changes – both in function and monitoring – are expected in the ways we do business.

News April 25, 2020

Privacy concerns over tracing app

The government’s proposed Covid-19 contact tracing app is being sold on its ability to save lives. But experts fear privacy shortcomings and a lack of detail about its development will see it rejected by an already sceptical public.