Russell Marks
is an honorary associate at La Trobe University.

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News August 24, 2019

Government inaction on plastic pollution

Despite the so-called ban on plastic bags, plastic pollution remains prevalent – and Victoria’s waste crisis has only exposed the inefficacy of our recycling schemes.

Sport August 10, 2019

Rising from the Ashes

A stunning win in the first Ashes Test has sparked new-found faith in Australian cricket. But is it the beginning of a renaissance after a period of decline and disgrace, or is it just due to the freakish talents of one Steve Smith?

Opinion August 03, 2019

Rough justice in the Northern Territory

“Sources close to the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA) say its lawyers were surprised to learn neither the Department of Justice nor the Territory’s chief judge had received a formal complaint from the agency about Alice Springs Local …”

Sport July 20, 2019

The fans and freedom of speech

While sporting bodies vow to embrace diversity and uphold a policy of maximal inclusion, the fans cheering from the sidelines may have very different priorities.

Sport June 29, 2019

Cricket World Cup fails to excite

Once, one-day cricket was beamed free to all Australian TV sets, the commentators were beloved and the on-field theatrics magical. Now we have a six-week World Cup that is struggling to raise a flicker of interest.

News June 22, 2019

Police powers in the Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to domestic violence has led to claims of police overstepping their powers and questions about how far preventive measures should be taken.

News June 08, 2019

George Pell’s days of reckoning

The two-day hearing of Cardinal George Pell’s appeal against child sexual assault convictions ended on Thursday. The most senior Catholic to be found guilty of child abuse now waits to see if he will be freed.

Opinion September 06, 2014

Bolt a martyr for the 18C clause

Andrew Bolt’s claims that 18C suppresses him from openly debating Muslim immigration reveal a martyr complex.

News May 03, 2014

The child and the state

The child protection system struggles to balance the needs of children at risk with the desire to keep families together.