Sarah Price
is a Sydney-based writer.

By this author

Portrait November 05, 2016

‘Love activist’ Christina Stevens

A hug and a chat with the woman taking her message of love to the masses.

Portrait August 20, 2016

Asylum Seeker Centre CEO Frances Rush

A tour of Sydney’s Asylum Seeker Centre.

Portrait June 11, 2016

Actress and screenwriter Alison Bell

Lunch at a busy cafe with Alison Bell.

Portrait March 12, 2016

Writer Robin Hemley

Robin Hemley explains the fiction of all writing.

Portrait December 19, 2015

Christmas at the Wayside Chapel

Sarah Price pulls up a pew with Graham Long of Sydney’s Wayside Chapel

Portrait November 28, 2015

Phil Glendenning: Refugee Council president, garage rocker

Phil Glendinning steps off the pub stage to chat about tracking down Australia’s refouled refugees.

Portrait October 24, 2015

Novelist Charlotte Wood’s natural ways

Shedding light on the darkness that informs Charlotte Wood’s latest work.

Portrait September 26, 2015

The uncertain future of a young asylum seeker in Australia

Every day he calls his mother in Afghanistan, just to see if his family is still alive.

Portrait July 18, 2015

The writer stuff

The writing mentor finally finds time to write.