Sophie Morris
is The Saturday Paper’s chief political correspondent.

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News November 28, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull battles parliament division and twin cliques

Turnbull may be cruising ahead in the polls but it’s not all smooth sailing as the PM navigates a messy senate and internal tensions.

News November 21, 2015

Port of Darwin’s Chinese sale surprises US

Do US concerns over the sale of the Port of Darwin to a Chinese company suggest those who question foreign investment on strategic and security grounds have a point?

News November 14, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull gives up on his beloved republic

Once the nation’s most prominent republican, Malcolm Turnbull is now content to let Labor steal the debate’s lead.

News November 07, 2015

Bill Shorten’s life with a 17 per cent approval rating

With an appalling approval rating, but protected by Labor’s leadership rules, Bill Shorten must persuade the public he’s a man of ideas.

News October 31, 2015

Turnbull and Morrison: the Coalition’s new power pact

With an alliance redolent of the Hawke–Keating era, the compact between Turnbull and Morrison is key to the government’s fortunes.

News October 24, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull versus the Coalition’s social conservatives

For the new prime minister, it’s time to keep his enemies close and the conservatives closer.

News October 17, 2015

Inside Turnbull’s media strategy

In an attempt to slow the media cycle, Turnbull has borrowed from US presidents: speak only from a podium, and only on big issues.

News October 10, 2015

The next phase of the refugee debate

As a mother and her baby daughter test the legality of offshore detention, Peter Dutton looks to the possibility of a ‘Philippines Solution’.

News October 03, 2015

The Arthur Sinodinos-Malcolm Turnbull plan for the Coalition

It was not just his popularity that won Malcolm Turnbull the leadership. There was also a long-running plan to reboot policy.