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is a journalist who has lived and worked in Sydney, London, New York and Italy.

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Culture September 02, 2017

Death-defying actor Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe’s dark charisma has helped him build a career on complicated, often villainous roles, but for his latest film he narrates a documentary about adventurers who climb and throw themselves off mountains. Such people push themselves to the edge, as Dafoe does. But he says he is not so brave – “I don’t even want to go in a hot-air balloon” – and admits to vertigo.

Culture July 29, 2017

Author Robert Drewe on his latest satire, ‘Whipbird’

Author Robert Drewe’s award-winning novels are much loved for their sharply drawn portraits of Australian life. For his latest, Whipbird, he has turned his satirical eye to the type of monied professional chasing the settler tradition by owning a modest vineyard.

Culture July 22, 2017

Katie Noonan takes to the bush

Since arriving on the music scene as a teenager in the band George, Katie Noonan has been an evolving artist. Now, she’s seeking to empower fellow female singer–songwriters in rural Australia.

News July 01, 2017

The dispute over climbing Wollumbin-Mount Warning

To the Bundjalung people, Wollumbin-Mount Warning is a sacred site. It is also a major Tweed Valley tourist attraction and the centre of a debate over who should be allowed to visit its summit.

News May 13, 2017

Homelessness after cyclone Debbie

In the aftermath of cyclone Debbie’s floodwaters, the northern New South Wales town of Murwillumbah is suffering a housing crisis, with homelessness rife.

News December 17, 2016

Land grab to take farms for Singapore Army training base

A government proposal to compulsorily acquire farmland outside Townsville, to be leased to the Singapore Army for a training base, has local graziers gearing up for a fight.

Culture December 10, 2016

Saroo Brierley on ‘Lion’ and the incredible rediscovery of his home in India

As retold in Lion, Saroo was lost as a child in India, adopted by a Tasmanian couple and then, miraculously, 25 years later tracked down his birth mother.

News October 15, 2016

NSW’s tentative steps towards racehorse rehabilitation

While Racing NSW has announced it will direct a portion of prizemoney to the welfare of horses when their racing career is over, the national industry continues to kill thousands of unwanted animals each year.

Culture July 23, 2016

Celebrated political satirist P. J. O’Rourke heads Down Under

Veteran US satirist P. J. O’Rourke on Hillary Clinton, his fondness for Trump supporters and the gonzo ethos.