Thomas Mayo

is an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man, assistant national secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia and author of six books, including Dear Son – Letters and reflections from First Nations fathers and sons and the bestselling children’s book Finding Our Heart.

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Comment June 24, 2023

A very simple ‘Yes’

“With the fearmongering tactics from sections of the ‘No’ campaign intensifying, the referendum later this year is becoming a question of courage.”

podcast April 27, 2023

Just how ‘elite’ are the people behind the Voice?

Union organiser and member of the referendum working group, Thomas Mayo, on the loudest voices against the Voice.

Comment April 15, 2023

The right side of history

“Recently, speaking at a school, I asked the teachers to imagine how they would feel telling children in the future that in 2023 Australia voted ‘No’ at the Voice referendum. I asked them to imagine how it would feel and it brought me …”

Comment October 06, 2018

Getting the people behind the Uluru statement

“We carefully considered the history of our struggle, the many broken promises, and the way the Constitution and political system excluded us. We learnt from the way our representative bodies have been repealed in the past. We contemplated why so many …”