Tony Windsor
is the former independent member for the federal seat of New England. He has held balance of power positions in both the NSW and federal parliaments.

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Opinion July 16, 2016

Turnbull’s consensus challenge

“Malcolm needs to learn that success in business doesn’t necessarily translate to success in politics. Being the boss man in a merchant bank doesn’t mean he is a leader of people.”

Opinion March 19, 2016

Tony Windsor on why he is running in 2016

“So here we are with a PM who is trapped in an agenda built by the politically opportunistic crazies from whom he wrested back control of the party.”

Opinion December 19, 2015

What Turnbull lost when Ian Macfarlane failed

“Macfarlane is intellectually above all the Nats with the possible exception of Truss ... There is real concern that Joyce as leader and potentially deputy prime minister could be electorally damaging for the Coalition. ”

Opinion October 17, 2015

Waiting for delivery from PM Malcolm Turnbull

“The question on many lips is, ‘Was Turnbull controlled by Murdoch or controlled by Abbott who was controlled by Murdoch?’”

News September 05, 2015

Abbott’s war on governance

“The summons from cabinet for weekly security announcements until the next election can only be seen in one light – the political need to frighten people.”

Opinion July 25, 2015

Going to groundwater over Shenhua coalmine

“The valley-wide bioregional assessment process has been butchered by minister Greg Hunt and replaced with a box-ticking exercise of little more than a localised environmental impact statement. ”

Opinion June 27, 2015

Asylum-seeker policy a dark spot in Australia’s history

“The last thing the PM wants is a genuine consensus on the asylum-seeker issue. His entire life in politics has been based on encouraging and fanning division.”

Opinion March 21, 2015

NSW election will go down to the poles and wires

“This election will not be decided on whether people are attracted to the genial Baird or the cleanskin Foley. It will come down to two issues: electricity asset sales and coal seam gas. ”

Rural January 24, 2015

Fighting FIFO, the cancer of the bush

“This ridiculous scenario is taking place in some parts of the country, where local workers can only be employed if they move away and fly in with everyone else.”