Tristen Harwood

is a writer, cultural critic and researcher, and a descendant of Numbulwar.

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Culture June 26, 2021

Artist and activist Richard Bell

Richard Bell’s prescient work and unapologetic polemics have paved the way for an entire generation of contemporary Indigenous artists.

Culture June 05, 2021

The 7 Stages of Grieving

Illuminating, angry and funny, Sydney Theatre Company’s remount of the classic play The 7 Stages of Grieving powerfully shows how Indigenous survival is a radical act.

Culture May 15, 2021

Through a Lens of Visitation

Through a Lens of Visitation – Dale Harding’s collaboration with his mother, textile artist Kate Harding – creates a vast, tactile exhibition that challenges individual authorship.

Culture April 03, 2021

The National 2021

In its third showing, The National – which exhibits new Australian art across three major Sydney galleries – highlights uncertainties about our national identity.

Opinion March 27, 2021

Dark Mofo and Union Flag

“I felt elation and deflation in equal parts when a friend messaged me that the Dark Mofo festival in Tasmania had cancelled the controversial performance Union Flag by artist Santiago Sierra. Like so many other First Nations peoples exposed to …”

Culture March 13, 2021

NGV Triennial

This year’s NGV Triennial is a site of topological turmoil that presents artworks to the masses but also empties them of substance.

Culture February 06, 2021


TIWI, a major exhibition of Tiwi art at NGV Australia, showcases a luminous body of work – but it still doesn’t quite grapple with the colonial history of curation.

Culture December 12, 2020

Unfinished Business

The first large-scale exhibition of Gordon Bennett’s work at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art reveals a terrible beauty.

Culture October 31, 2020

Badtjala visual artist Fiona Foley

Fiona Foley’s groundbreaking new book Biting the Clouds traces a hidden colonial history of addiction and slavery. “None of the information in this book was ever taught to me in a classroom setting … We have no critical race studies in the curriculum in this country.”

Culture September 26, 2020

the moment eternal

A retrospective of Nyapanyapa Yunupiŋu’s work at Darwin’s Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory demonstrates the range of her luminous art.