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is a science journalist and host of the Science Vs. podcast.

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Science September 19, 2015

Feeding the world with microbacterial agriculture

The answer to the problem of feeding the growing global population may be microscopic.

Culture August 01, 2015

Mr Universe, Neil deGrasse Tyson

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, presenter of the TV series Cosmos, has always had his eyes on the heavens.

Science April 18, 2015

Wind turbine syndrome answers blowin’ in the wind

Anti-wind farm groups insist the turbines are making people sick, but new studies suggest a surprisingly different cause.

Science March 28, 2015

Sex, drugs and clinical trials

A preference for male lab rats in clinical trials skews new drugs towards effectiveness in men.

Science February 21, 2015

Finetuning gene therapy

Researchers are edging closer to reliable gene therapy, providing a revolution in healthcare.

Science January 24, 2015

Global norming with geoengineering

Climate researchers are turning their minds to Plan B – manipulating the atmosphere to engineer a return to liveable conditions.

Science November 15, 2014

The great G spot debate

Continued debate over the existence of the G spot and even vaginal orgasms reflects a lack of solid science about women’s bodies.

Health October 25, 2014

Cancer-eating bacteria a throwback to old-time medicine

Cancer researchers have turned to a largely forgotten treatment developed in the 1890s, injecting bacteria into tumours.

Science September 27, 2014

When did the Earth get its oxygen?

New research has reopened debate about the origins of oxygen, the precursor to complex organisms.

Science September 13, 2014

Insects teaching us about the birds and the bees

Birds, bees – even educated fleas do it. But why? Weird insect genitalia is helping unravel the evolutionary benefits of sex.

Health August 30, 2014

Focus turns to expensive ’orphan drugs’

Subsidies encouraged Big Pharma to develop medication for very rare conditions. But there's a catch.

Health August 02, 2014

The long road to freeing the world of HIV/AIDS

Antiretroviral drugs have been successful in holding HIV at bay. But the quest for an AIDS-free generation has a long way to go.

Health July 19, 2014

Artificial sweeteners may be fuelling rather than fighting weight loss

Artificial sweeteners may be leading to weight gain, but industry-funded studies seek to sugar-coat the research.

Health July 05, 2014

Supercentenarians show the power of good genes

Geneticists are studying supercentenarians in the hope we can all hang on to our grey matter.

Technology June 07, 2014

Google’s searches narrowing our experience

If Google is telling us what we want to know rather than surveying what is known, are its online search algorithms expanding our minds or reinforcing our biases?

Science May 10, 2014

All eyes on Pitch Drop Experiment

Though too late for its veteran custodian, last month’s rare milestone in the world’s longest-running experiment caused excitement around the globe.

Science April 19, 2014

The imprints of the beginning of our universe

An incredible discovery finally offers evidence of how the Big Bang gave birth to our universe.