Wendy Zukerman
is a science journalist and host of the Science Vs. podcast.

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Health July 05, 2014

Supercentenarians show the power of good genes

Geneticists are studying supercentenarians in the hope we can all hang on to our grey matter.

Technology June 07, 2014

Google’s searches narrowing our experience

If Google is telling us what we want to know rather than surveying what is known, are its online search algorithms expanding our minds or reinforcing our biases?

Science May 10, 2014

All eyes on Pitch Drop Experiment

Though too late for its veteran custodian, last month’s rare milestone in the world’s longest-running experiment caused excitement around the globe.

Science April 19, 2014

The imprints of the beginning of our universe

An incredible discovery finally offers evidence of how the Big Bang gave birth to our universe.