Cryptic Crossword No. 377.
By Liam Runnalls.


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Scroll down for a clue-by-clue walk-through of this weekend’s crossword with Liam Runnalls.

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Wordplay with Liam Runnalls

Being a cryptic crossword beginner can be a bit daunting. Many of the clues make no sense and there seems to be so many little tricks to learn. In this video, The Saturday Paper’s crossword setter, Liam Runnalls, takes us through a clue-by-clue breakdown of his cryptic crossword published in the November 27 edition of the paper.

Liam Runnalls (or LR as he is known to some) is one of Australia’s leading crossword setters. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned solver, you’re sure to learn something new about the cryptic art form in this tutorial.

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Quick watch:
How to solve cryptic crosswords

Before you get stuck into this weekend’s crossword, we recommend you watch this short explainer to familiarise yourself with the various forms of wordplay commonly found in cryptic crosswords. It’s a great place to start your journey towards cryptic expertise.

Liam Runnalls
is a puzzle-maker and cartoonist living in regional Victoria.

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