Visual Art June 12, 2021

Shadow Boxer

As Maitland Regional Art Gallery’s exhibition Shadow Boxer demonstrates, there are strong parallels between the making of art and the art of boxing.

The Influence June 12, 2021

Alexander Briger

Alexander Briger AO, an Australian and international star of classical music, discusses the influence of Mahler’s Fourth Symphony on his career.

Theatre June 12, 2021

The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race

STCSA’s The Appleton Ladies’ Potato Race features an excellent production and performances but can’t conceal the play’s troubling blind spots.

Television June 12, 2021

The Underground Railroad

Moonlight director Barry Jenkins’ television adaptation of The Underground Railroad is a brilliant and deeply moving depiction of slavery in America.

Visual Art June 12, 2021

Performance artist Mike Parr

Mike Parr is Australia’s most-celebrated performance artist. His latest work undoes assumptions about what it means to look and to see.

Fiction June 12, 2021

Old Orphan Creek

Up here, the cold permeates. It presses against you and breathes itself back in. You like the way it stings your fingers, how every inch of your body is forced to feel. Arterial, the roads pulse you along, each town you pass fleeting and unacknowledged. …

Books June 5, 2021

Irvin D. Yalom and Marilyn Yalom
A Matter of Death and Life

Anyone in a happy marriage – perhaps even more so in an unhappy one – ponders the prospect of their spouse dying. A Matter of Death and Life, co-written by a happily married couple who are coming to the end of their lives, is an extraordinary …

Books June 5, 2021

Sarah Sentilles
Stranger Care

Like many before her, Sarah Sentilles had no idea that whole regions of her heart lay dormant until she had a baby. These emotions come in hard and fast and change you physically. It’s like the letting down of mother’s milk. But there is a wrinkle …

Theatre June 5, 2021

Food Court

A remount of Back to Back Theatre’s Food Court, one of the few shows seen before Rising was shuttered, is a masterpiece of violence and poignancy.

Culture June 5, 2021

Adelaide Cabaret Festival director Alan Cumming

As the Adelaide Cabaret Festival’s first international director, Alan Cumming is presiding over a hyperlocal program – and thinking about getting older.

Music June 5, 2021

Japanese Breakfast’s Jubilee

As Japanese Breakfast, Michelle Zauner made two albums exploring deep loss. Now she steps forward with Jubilee – a richly textured celebration of the music of her adolescence.

The Influence June 5, 2021

Pam Tanowitz

Acclaimed New York choreographer Pam Tanowitz discusses the influence of George Balanchine’s ballet Serenade on her own dance works, including one that will soon be performed by The Australian Ballet.


Books June 12, 2021

Erika Balsom
Ten Skies

The feature film Ten Skies (2004) by American avant-garde artist James Benning is easily summarised: 10 views of the sky, each photographed from a static camera angle. As Erika Balsom asks at the beginning of her superb book, “How many films …

Books June 12, 2021

Patrick Radden Keefe
Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty

Some journalists are very comfortable documenting power. Their scrutiny is not the empty threat of an insider, nor are they driven by a tabloid nose for scandal. What inspires them is fascination: the desire to understand those who make, and can unmake, …

Books June 12, 2021

Alice Pung
One Hundred Days

Having published memoir, essays and fiction, Alice Pung has demonstrated an ability to write with flair and flexibility across genres. While each story is unique, there’s a comfort in reading a book by Pung, as you know the characters and narrative …