Visions of Utopia and Superposition of three types

Patrick Hartigan
Two exhibitions of utopian abstraction enable comparison of pure ideological approaches with something gentler. The latter is more satisfying.

Writer and activist Jeff Sparrow

Maxine Beneba Clarke

Writer Jessica Friedmann on postnatal depression and motherhood

Donna Lu
Following her experience of postnatal depression, writer Jessica Friedmann hopes to provoke discussion of parenthood beyond the clichés of gushing Instagram accounts or nappy-change horror stories.
Reviewer: KN
Reviewer: CG
Reviewer: SH

Author and academic Eva Cox

Sarah Price
A visit to writer and activist Eva Cox's house.

Married at First Sight

Helen Razer
You may not learn anything from the lab-coated matchmaking experts of Married at First Sight, but the show captures the reality of today’s dating culture.

Camp Cope talk music and mental illness

Andy Hazel
Camp Cope’s frank and confessional lyrics – and their campaign against sexual harassment at gigs – have won them dedicated fans who feel a personal relationship to the trio.
Reviewer: CG
Reviewer: LS

Jeff Nichols’ ‘Loving’

Christos Tsiolkas
Made with fidelity and care, ‘Loving’ re-creates history without lapsing into histrionics.
Reviewer: JD
Reviewer: EA

Purely academic

Adam Ouston
From Trieste to Tasmania, philosopher John Armstrong has pondered the fate of the intellectual.

Kathryn Heyman, author

Sarah Price
Free-diver Kathryn Heyman, author of Storm and Grace.

Artist TextaQueen

Maxine Beneba Clarke
Getting to know TextaQueen through her first survey show, Between You and Me.

The Magnetic Fields’ ‘50 Song Memoir’

Dave Faulkner
Composing a song for every year of Stephin Merritt’s life has resulted in The Magnetic Fields’ eclectic five-album tour de force, 50 Song Memoir.
Reviewer: DV
Reviewer: KN
Reviewer: JF

Sarah Snook talks Noël Coward and HBO

Steve Dow
From stage to television to film, Adelaide-born Sarah Snook is an actress in high demand. Her choices are proving as shrewd as they are diverse.

Bianca Hester and the Open Spatial Workshop

Romy Ash
A walk through works curated by Bianca Hester and the Open Spatial Workshop team at the Monash University Museum of Art.
Reviewer: KN