Television July 24, 2021

Gossip Girl

The Gossip Girl reboot feels more like propaganda for the elite than the frothy satire it promises.

The Influence July 24, 2021

Amanda Lohrey

Miles Franklin award-winner Amanda Lohrey on how the Hindu god Shiva danced creation into being.

Visual Art July 24, 2021

French artist Camille Henrot

The work of French artist Camille Henrot – one of the most compelling creators of her generation – ignores the boundaries of forms and ideas.

Poetry July 24, 2021

Two poems

Uffizi Gallery, Florence – Painting P1472   ’Tis the tempestuous loveliness of terror;   For from the serpents gleams a brazen glare Kindled by that inextricable error   Which makes a thrilling vapour of the air Become a …

Music July 24, 2021

Tkay Maidza’s Last Year Was Weird, Vol. 3

Rapper Tkay Maidza’s fleet-footed style-hopping has driven her international success.

Visual Art July 24, 2021

Illuminate festival

Adelaide’s inaugural Illuminate festival offers a mixed bag of work, from the indifferent to the revelatory.

Books July 17, 2021

Mark Brandi
The Others

Who – or what – are The Others? This question is asked from the opening pages of Mark Brandi’s exquisite new novel. Are they decivilised humans, as in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road? Are they members of an off-the-grid cult? Are they something …

The Influence July 17, 2021

Deborah Cheetham

Yorta Yorta soprano and composer Professor Deborah Cheetham AO discusses how the painting Dulka Warngiid (Land for All) (2007) has influenced her musical direction.

Fiction July 17, 2021

To do

- Call oncologist re:     rescheduling appointments     treatment options, WA         extra prescription to tide me over   - RSVP Bob’s memorial? Or wait until after?   - Call Louisa?? Pros - avoid going for nothing        …

Visual Art July 17, 2021

Goya: Drawings from the Prado Museum

The art of Francisco Goya demands that we bear witness to the horrors of war, both then and now.

Television July 17, 2021

I Think You Should Leave

Cult comedy I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson asks a simple, recurring question: how far might one go to save face?

Dance July 17, 2021

Anna Karenina

Yuri Possokhov’s Anna Karenina is a truly 21st-century ballet, moving between hope and despair.


Books July 24, 2021

Harrison Christian
Men without Country

Hear “mutiny”, think “Bounty”. The shipboard rebellion of 1789 has enjoyed a long and fertile afterlife. It has inspired three films and more than a dozen books, fiction and nonfiction alike, including several titles promising the “true …

Books July 24, 2021

Larissa Behrendt
After Story

Larissa Behrendt’s second novel, the award-winning Legacy (2009), explored the influence of the father. Her new book, After Story, turns her gaze to the matriarchy, which she examines through the fractured relationship of …

Books July 24, 2021

Vanessa Berry
Gentle and Fierce

There are complex, fundamental questions around how we relate to non-human animals. How can we find a way to organise our systems so they are not exploitative or degrading and are not poisoning the land and water we all depend on? What might a genuinely …