Theatre April 10, 2021

Playwright Joanna Murray-Smith

After a long and successful career, dramatist Joanna Murray-Smith returns to her roots with a new play opening this month at the Melbourne Theatre Company.

Film April 10, 2021


Although Harry Macqueen’s Supernova is formally unadventurous, this film about a couple dealing with the onset of dementia features transcendent performances.

Comedy April 10, 2021

Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2021

Although the spectre of Covid-19 hangs over this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, it demonstrates the resilience of live Australian performance.

Art April 10, 2021

TarraWarra Biennial Slow Moving Waters

The TarraWarra Museum of Art’s 2021 biennial explores the utopia of slow time as both defiance and melancholia.

In Progress April 10, 2021

Rhoda Roberts

One of the pioneers of Indigenous presence on screen, Rhoda Roberts has spent her life breaking barriers for First Nations artists. But with her new job, she may finally find some time for her own art.

Poetry April 10, 2021

Two poems

Epiphany   for dad       I have seen birth and death, But had thought they were different – T. S. Eliot     As it rose for the Magi, a pink flush through the gum trees the bed that held …

Comedy April 3, 2021

Comedy trio Aunty Donna

With a Netflix show and a headline at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the surreal troupe Aunty Donna has come a long way from their Ballarat days.

Art April 3, 2021

The National 2021

In its third showing, The National – which exhibits new Australian art across three major Sydney galleries – highlights uncertainties about our national identity.

Television April 3, 2021

Allen v. Farrow

Allen v. Farrow is more than a rehash of a celebrity scandal. An indictment of the entertainment industry, it looks thoughtfully at how stories are told, and who gets believed.

Theatre April 3, 2021

Stop Girl

Foreign correspondent Sally Sara’s semi-autobiographical play at Belvoir, Stop Girl, captures the quotidian anguish of suffering a breakdown.

In Progress April 3, 2021

June Jones

Working under lockdown on her new album, while contending with a diagnosis of ADHD, meant a wholly different process for musician June Jones.

Fiction April 3, 2021

All that matters

It’s so exciting you’re here to stay. I remember when I was the new one. A lifetime ago. You’re going to love it here. Our friend is so amazing. All friends are… Well, almost all. But ours is the best. When I was new there was an old one already …


Books April 10, 2021

George Saunders
A Swim in the Pond in the Rain

In the introductory chapter of A Swim in the Pond in the Rain, George Saunders describes what he has written as a “workbook”. It is a term, he says, that “kept coming to mind” as he was writing, and one that feels fitting because what …

Books April 10, 2021

Susan Johnson
From Where I Fell

Susan Johnson has written eight novels, a memoir and a nonfiction work. Her latest effort is a contemporary version of the epistolary book once popular in the 18th century. From Where I Fell is a narrative conducted entirely through online conversations …

Books April 10, 2021

Safdar Ahmed
Still Alive

I first became familiar with Safdar Ahmed’s work through his webcomic about his fraught relationship with his father, The Good Son. It showed Ahmed’s knack for illustrating the mind’s landscape, his death-metal-inspired illustrations giving …