Culture October 24, 2020

Comedian and actor Rose Matafeo

On the verge of international stardom, Rose Matafeo combines supremely confident ambition with deep personal doubt. “Seeing yourself on screen is the fucking worst thing ever. Your perception of yourself is the best version of yourself that you perform in the mirror, and that is not what other people see.”

Culture October 17, 2020

José Roca, artistic director of the 23rd Sydney Biennale

In his first interview since his appointment, celebrated Colombian curator José Roca speaks about bringing a sense of radical urgency to his new role. “I intend to look for practices that are already under way and let the biennale be a catalyst for the process. One of my guiding principles is to build upon what is already built.”

Culture October 10, 2020

Children’s author Ted Prior

Four years ago, children’s author Ted Prior thought he had finished with his beloved character Grug. But with a new book and a theatre adaptation celebrating its 10th anniversary, it seems that he is far from done. “I just enjoy the way young children think and the way they do things – and I think there is a bit of the young child in all of us.”

Culture October 3, 2020

Former Spice Girl Mel C

For Melanie Chisholm global fame came at a high price, but she lived to tell the tale. At 46, she has just released her eighth solo album, which she says is her most vulnerable yet. “All of that time I spent searching, trying to find myself, trying to move away from Sporty, I felt like that’s what I had to do: to become an individual I had to leave her behind.”

Culture September 26, 2020

Anita Hegh

After a quarter of a century as one of Australia’s finest stage actors, Anita Hegh is well placed to channel Virginia Woolf in A Room of One’s Own. “Although it is a much kinder world for women than it has been, there’s still a long way to go.”


Culture October 24, 2020


Ben Wheatley’s new adaptation of Rebecca opts for safe nostalgia over du Maurier’s conflicted subtext.

Culture October 23, 2020

Moon in a Dew Drop

Lindy Lee’s powerful MCA retrospective demonstrates both her artistic strength and her vulnerability.

Culture October 17, 2020

The Diary of One Who Disappeared

The Sydney Chamber Opera discovers a new intimacy in its filmed performance of Leoš Janáček’s feverish song cycle.

Fiction and Poetry

Culture October 24, 2020


Linear time is something Settlers brought here A version of time that creates distance Things that happened a hundred years ago are further away than things that happened yesterday   A version of time weaponised against …

Culture October 16, 2020


The woman’s head is at an odd angle, one side of her neck stretched tight like the rawhide of a drum. Carolyn’s skin turns clammy and her breathing shallows as she scans the woman’s body: the cracked, swollen feet; toenails like thick …

Culture October 10, 2020

Three anecdotes

Beggar A Beggar who had only recently and reluctantly taken up begging after losing his job as an administration officer for a small insurance firm was one day noticed on the street by a, thankfully, employed company director on his …


Culture October 24, 2020

Our Shadows

In the winter of 1893, the Irish prospector Paddy Hannan and two compatriots noted the presence of gold in the place that would become known as Kalgoorlie. The diggings were soon swarmed, and a bustling mining town grew up in the years that followed, …

Culture October 24, 2020

Home Time II: Beyond the Weaving

When faced with tricky life-or-death decisions, the preteens of Australian graphic novel series Home Time don’t tread lightly or seek parental approval: as one of them says, “Now’s the time to ruin everything by doing something …

Culture October 24, 2020

A Jealous Tide

A physical restlessness pulses through the pages of A Jealous Tide, as its unnamed protagonist walks along rivers – first the Yarra, then the Thames – ruminating on gravity and tidal pulls, what it means to be cast adrift, and how …