architecture   February 10, 2024

Taylor and Hinds on discovering the truth of Country

For Tasmanian practice Taylor and Hinds, developing deep and long-term relationships with specific Aboriginal communities is a process of discovering the truth of Country.

architecture   December 23, 2023

Best architecture: accolades flow as housing policy steps up

The Saturday Paper’s architecture critic looks back at the highlights of 2023.

architecture   October 21, 2023

Spring Bay Mill

A controversial site once home to a massive woodchip operation has been transformed into a peaceful place designed for people.

architecture   September 2, 2023

Nightingale Village

In their pursuit of excellent design in the name of sustainability and social good, the Nightingale developments are exemplars of architect-led contemporary architecture.

architecture   July 1, 2023

Victorian Pride Centre

The designers of the Victorian Pride Centre in St Kilda took on a number of almost insurmountable challenges – and triumphed.

architecture   May 20, 2023

Flipside Circus

Flipside Circus’s bright new Brisbane headquarters are built from shipping containers – a possible metaphor for the contingent place of the arts in Australian culture.

architecture   March 25, 2023

Studio Bright’s Garden Tower House

The detailed domestic architecture of Studio Bright has lessons for making dense urban spaces greener and lighter.

architecture   February 4, 2023

Sydney Modern: beauty and the beast

The Art Gallery of NSW’s Sydney Modern reflects the city – breezy and bright above, with a dark, stygian underworld.

architecture   October 22, 2022

Anthony Clarke’s architecture of care

Anthony Clarke’s designs for people with complex needs create “holding spaces” where difficult feelings can take place.

architecture   September 3, 2022

Sydney Opera House 2.0

The success of the Sydney Opera House refurbishment adds another layer to a complex architectural story.

architecture   June 25, 2022

Fish Lane Town Square

The Brisbane development Fish Lane Town Square is a brilliant reclamation of disused urban space.