art May 1, 2021

Stanislava Pinchuk’s Terra Data

Stanislava Pinchuk’s astute and surprising survey exhibition, Terra Data, explores the human aftermath of catastrophe through delicate works drawn from data-mapping.

art April 17, 2021

Thai mural master Phaptawan Suwannakudt

Thai–Australian artist Phaptawan Suwannakudt has been challenging norms throughout her distinguished career, which began when her famous father taught her to paint.

art April 17, 2021

Invisible Border

Invisible Border at Brisbane’s IMA features the exquisite work of celebrated miniature artist Khadim Ali scaled up to monumental tapestries.

art April 10, 2021

TarraWarra Biennial Slow Moving Waters

The TarraWarra Museum of Art’s 2021 biennial explores the utopia of slow time as both defiance and melancholia.

art April 3, 2021

The National 2021

In its third showing, The National – which exhibits new Australian art across three major Sydney galleries – highlights uncertainties about our national identity.

dance March 27, 2021

Performance artist Rakini Devi

Performance artist Rakini Devi’s first solo exhibition brings her classical dance training to a multilayered investigation of how women are erased by misogyny and violence.

art March 20, 2021

Clarice Beckett: The present moment

The biggest retrospective yet of Australian Modernist Clarice Beckett reveals an artist of elusive subtlety.

art March 13, 2021

NGV Triennial

This year’s NGV Triennial is a site of topological turmoil that presents artworks to the masses but also empties them of substance.

art March 13, 2021

Botticelli to Van Gogh

Botticelli to Van Gogh gives us a chance to see some of Europe’s greatest masterpieces without having to travel.

in progress March 6, 2021

Bella Li

The poet and artist Bella Li says that if it weren’t for deadlines – and the inspiration provided by tennis players – she would never finish her work.

art February 27, 2021

No Show

No Show, Carriageworks’ lively group exhibition of emerging and experimental art, is full of unexpected gems.