Festival May 28, 2022

A bonfire of the piano keys

David Sornig’s piano will be engulfed in flames next month as part of RISING's “Piano Burning”, in a performance resonant with both personal and historical significance.

Culture May 28, 2022

Writer Paul Dalla Rosa

Paul Dalla Rosa’s anticipated debut collection of stories searches for the beauty in contemporary desperation.

Television May 28, 2022

Stranger Things

Season four of Stranger Things bumps up the gore as it considers the anguish of growing up.

Music May 28, 2022

ANAM Set Festival

The Australian National Academy of Music’s ambitious ANAM Set Festival offered a cross-section of contemporary classical music.

The Influence May 28, 2022

Jimi Bani

A book of Torres Strait Island legends illustrated by his grandfather inspired Jimi Bani to discover his heritage.

Film May 28, 2022

Cannes Film Festival 2022

Amid the Hollywood glamour, the 75th Cannes Film Festival features its best selection of cinema for years.

Fiction May 28, 2022

I love ya, mate

Hey man, for Rick? Yeah, yeah, thanks. Cool. How’s, ah, how’s your night been going? Yeah, same here. Good. Good. What, ah, what time did you start? Right… right… Where’d you start from? Oh, cool, yeah, that’s pretty far away, hey? You try …

Television May 21, 2022

Our Flag Means Death

The genre-busting pirate romance Our Flag Means Death is straight up hilarious – and artistically and emotionally gorgeous.

Theatre May 21, 2022

City of Gold

At its heart, Meyne Wyatt’s City of Gold is about a family denied the right to grieve.

Fiction May 21, 2022


Brown shapes move across the screen, leaving dark streaks in the mud behind them. Salt glitters, and some darker crystal. The bodies move purposefully, now and then a flash of teeth that must be laughter. Happy workers, covered in the earth they think …

Theatre May 21, 2022

Playwright, actor and director Elena Carapetis

Playwright, actor and director Elena Carapetis’s latest project brings teenage bad-ass Antigone to the present day.

Visual Art May 21, 2022

Confined 13

Confined 13 demonstrates that the carceral state can’t crush the creative energy of Indigenous artists.


Books May 28, 2022

Louisa Lim
Indelible City: Dispossession and Defiance in Hong Kong

In late 2019, journalist and author Louisa Lim found herself standing on top of a Hong Kong skyscraper as a band of calligraphers painted a giant protest slogan onto a bolt of fabric. The journalist, who had grown up in Hong Kong, found herself torn. …

Books May 28, 2022

Nigel Featherstone
My Heart Is a Little Wild Thing

“The day after I tried to kill my mother, I tossed some clothes, a pair of hiking boots, a baseball cap and a few toiletries into my backpack, and left at dawn.” So begins Nigel Featherstone’s My Heart Is a Little Wild Thing. It is swiftly …

Books May 28, 2022

Ocean Vuong
Time Is a Mother

Ocean Vuong’s work is replete with entrances, openings, doors. In his first poetry collection, Night Sky with Exit Wounds (2016), stars are “Little centuries opening just long enough for us to slip through.” In his novel, On Earth We’re …