Games January 22, 2022


Wordle has taken the internet by storm – and is a reminder that play can matter for its own sake.

Film January 22, 2022


Pablo Larraín’s dedication to fantasy in Spencer makes his portrayal of Princess Diana one of the most accomplished yet.

Visual Art January 22, 2022

Bark Ladies

NGV International’s exhibition Bark Ladies distances these vital works from their material and social contexts.

The Influence January 22, 2022

Ari Wegner

As the daughter of a painter, cinematographer Ari Wegner found inspiration from an early age in the portraiture of Lucian Freud.

Fiction January 22, 2022


(after Ben Quilty’s Pig 2011) Flying. That’s the word he used. Actually it was Absolutely flying – as in: Must’ve been absolutely flying! Which was fitting because it was clear the car had, …

Theatre January 22, 2022

Documentary theatremaker Roslyn Oades

Documentary theatremaker Roslyn Oades has spent her life investigating the art of listening.

Fiction January 15, 2022

The lost lives of Sisyphus

I Older now than the gods who had died long ago, Sisyphus rarely left his head. One day he imagined himself as Tantalus, standing in a lake with water up to his chin; another Zeus, the infinity on the edge of things. But most of the …

Film January 15, 2022

House of Gucci

Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci disappoints, but the cast’s committed performances still make it worth watching.

Theatre January 15, 2022

2022 Sydney Festival

The Sydney Festival opens with work that pushes against structures of promise and oppression.

Visual Art January 15, 2022

Artist Yasmin Smith

Artist Yasmin Smith uses ash glazes to reveal the history of soil through the trees that have grown in it.

Fiction January 8, 2022

12 Subsidised Medicare Sessions

Session one “This sort of thing really isn’t for me. Oh, I do respect what you do, mind. I had a Great Uncle Albert, the head of the family, really, and one ordinary Tuesday he woke up convinced he was Martin Luther. Kept offering …

Music January 8, 2022

How student radio offers an alternative to the familiar

Listening to student radio reconnects audiences with the power of niche obsessions.


Books January 22, 2022

Michael Winterbottom
Dark Matter: Independent Filmmaking in the 21st Century

You could describe 60-year-old Michael Winterbottom as a prolific British filmmaker. He has more than 30 movies to his name, from dramas such as Welcome to Sarajevo to comedies including The Trip series starring Steve Coogan and Rob …

Books January 22, 2022

Jackie Huggins
Sister Girl: Reflections on Tiddaism, Identity and Reconciliation

“I was fed on a diet of lies and invisibility about the true history of this country from a very young age,” recalls Jackie Huggins. In the new edition of her prescient 1998 book Sister Girl: Reflections on Tiddaism, Identity and Reconciliation, …

Books January 22, 2022

Monica Ali
Love Marriage

It has been said of Jane Austen’s characters that their primary terror is of being expelled from the class of their birth. In this reading, the astringently measured dialogue and super-sensible alertness to the details of social existence that mark …