The Influence May 14, 2022

Gary Abrahams

For director and playwright Gary Abrahams, the physical expressiveness of Pina Bausch’s dance theatre work Café Müller is a revelation.

Film May 14, 2022

After Yang

Kogonada’s science fiction film After Yang is acutely intelligent but ends up infantilising its characters.

Design May 14, 2022

Artist and curator David Sequeira

Since haunting galleries as a teenager, David Sequeira’s art has been driven by awe of human expressiveness.

Dance May 14, 2022

Buried Tea Bowl – Okuni 2022

Yumi Umiumare’s Buried Tea Bowl – Okuni 2022 gives the traditional Japanese tea ceremony a 21st-century feminist spin.

Visual Art May 14, 2022


Helmut Newton pioneered the photography of fetishistic glamour, but he never disguised the artifice of seduction.

Fiction May 14, 2022

Completing the 1080 project

I have recently taken it upon myself to work my way through the internet in search of my ancestry. I call it my 1080 Project. As a wise old tech-savvy male elder of the family Rattus rattus, and with no chance of a pleasant natural death, I’m …

Film May 7, 2022

Filmmaker Céline Sciamma

Screenwriter and director Céline Sciamma melds the everyday and the miraculous in her latest feature, Petite Maman.

Architecture May 7, 2022

MPavilion – The Lightcatcher

Melbourne’s MPavilion series focuses on the vexed question of whether architecture can be art.

Film May 7, 2022

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy

Drive My Car director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi’s Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy is a lighter exploration of his abiding obsessions.

Books May 7, 2022

Chloe Hooper
Bedtime Story

The most striking and satisfying feature of Chloe Hooper’s Bedtime Story is its beautiful prose. The writing is rich: rhythmic and atmospheric, with a sharp clarity to its depictions of domestic, family life and the ways in which the sudden …

The Influence May 7, 2022

Ripley Kavara

Solange’s 2016 album A Seat at the Table is a touchstone for musician and visual artist Ripley Kavara.

Books May 7, 2022

Steve Toltz
Here Goes Nothing

When the first glutinous life form took its faltering steps out of the primordial soup and onto dry land, it popped on a metaphorical timer that counted down to humanity evolving enough to worry about the meaning of it all, who’s responsible and what …


Books May 14, 2022

Michelle Cahill
Daisy and Woolf

We all know – or think we know – what happens in Virginia Woolf’s celebrated novel Mrs Dalloway, first published almost a century ago. It concerns a day in the life of a London society hostess as she prepares for and then holds a party …

Books May 14, 2022

John Zubrzycki
The Shortest History of India

How does a writer condense 5000 years of Indian history into a single short book without losing themselves in what they’re omitting? India is a fluid tessellation of ethnicities and languages that shift through the blooming of religions, the clash of …

Books May 14, 2022

Elizabeth Tynan
The Secret of Emu Field: Britain’s forgotten atomic tests in Australia

When we recall the British atomic bomb tests in Australia, most of us think of Maralinga, still a byword for imperial indifference to Country and people. Few remember Emu Field – even though, as Elizabeth Tynan shows, the 1953 Totem 1 and Totem 2 detonations …