Opera December 9, 2023

Pinchgut Opera’s Rinaldo

Pinchgut Opera’s production of one of Handel’s most popular operas, Rinaldo, is swift, ambitious and energetic.

Film December 9, 2023

Marrakech International Film Festival

In the shadow of a devastating earthquake and an all-pervasive war, the 20th Marrakech International Film Festival featured some of the best cinema from Africa and the Middle East.

The Influence December 9, 2023

Richard Mills on Botticelli’s La Primavera

For composer and conductor Richard Mills, Botticelli’s La Primavera is a masterpiece that mirrors his own preoccupation with beauty and metamorphosis in art.

Fiction December 9, 2023

Park love

When I get to the park I spot him sprawled on a rise with his arms flung behind his head. I see the white lip of his stomach where his faded shirt has ridden up. The light shuffles the leaves, picking out patches of gold. On the paths skateboarders, cyclists, …

Visual Art December 9, 2023

GOMA’s Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art draws on a rich range of art forms to investigate the enduring fascination of fantasy and folklore.

Culture December 9, 2023

Writer and satirist Fran Lebowitz

During her long life, professional flâneur and chronicler of Manhattan Fran Lebowitz has transformed from bad girl to the most urbane agony aunt on the circuit.

Visual Art December 2, 2023

Artist and sculptor Diana Al-Hadid

Diana Al-Hadid’s work – on show for NGV Triennial 2023 – layers history and memory in works of paradoxical delicacy.

Fiction December 2, 2023

Right, darling?

Pour the contents of any cleaning product down the sink and you’ll realise it’s all the same. Hardwood floor and surface cleaner. Streak-free glass and window wipe. Lemon-scented multipurpose spray. They’re all just clear liquid that a round table …

Visual Art December 2, 2023

Nadine Christensen: Around at Buxton Contemporary

Nadine Christensen’s first retrospective exhibition surveys 25 years of a diverse practice.

Film December 2, 2023

Ridley Scott’s Napoleon

Ridley Scott’s epic Napoleon isn’t as bad as his worst films, nor is it as good as his best.

Games December 2, 2023

I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

Northway Games’ I Was a Teenage Exocolonist is a sci-fi visual novel without peer, which powerfully evokes the emotions of adolescence.

Books December 2, 2023

Quentin Beresford
Rogue Corporations

In 1984, Geoffrey Edelsten opened his first “super clinic” in Western Sydney. The facility replaced the subdued atmosphere of the traditional doctor’s consulting room with unabashed tack: pink faux-mink couches, luridly dressed hostesses and a musician …


Books December 9, 2023

Amanda Lohrey
The Conversion

Amanda Lohrey makes writing look effortless: every sentence is a pleasure to read. Her characters immediately come alive on the page. You feel you know them and suspect you are privy to some of their secrets. Zoe North, the main character of Lohrey’s …

Books December 9, 2023

Alecia Simmonds
Courting: An intimate history of love and the law

In the age of Tinder and speed dating, swiping left and ghosting, what obligations do we have to those we date – or court, as it was once perhaps more ominously called? This is the question that underlies Courting: An intimate history of love and …

Books December 9, 2023

Yūka Ishii (translated by Haydn Trowell)
The Mud of a Century

In Yūka Ishii’s slender debut novel, The Mud of a Century, a girl sweeps resentment off a pillow where it had come to rest. Wealthy Indians fly above Chennai’s gnarled traffic on mechanical wings, staring at their phones. People sink into …